I got a new rear tyre on the VFR this week. It’s another Michelin Pilot Road 2, which is dual compound; softer on the edges and harder in the centre. The last one had did just under 9K kilometers and still had a few more ks in it, but as I’m off to Phillip Island for the MotoGP in a couple of weeks time I wanted new rubber.

The Road 2 is a sport-touring tyre, and in combination with a Pilot Power front has proved to be a excellent combination on the VFR. It offers great durability with excellent grip and still reasonably fast turn in. Unfortunately the PR 2’s have been in short supply in Oz, I guess because of the Northern hemisphere summer. Thanks again to Peter Whelan at Road & River Motorcycles for excellent, personalised service.

On any Sunday – Winter ride

I’ve been desperate for a day out on the VFR but it’s been mostly wet and cold on weekends for weeks now. We finally had a reasonable looking day so Marty and I decided to head inland, maybe to Castlemaine. We had a pretty nice ride for the first 80Ks or so, but then towards Daylesford the sky clouded over and the temp dropped drastically. By the time we rolled into Dalesford the drizzle had turned to rain so we turned around and headed back towards Geelong. Just out of town we pulled into the (very upmarket) Sault restaurant for a hot drink and to warm up. I would loved to have had an afternoon drinking red wines there actually! However, we drank hot chocolates and then rode back towards home in rain and drizzle, Marty without wet weather gear. It finally cleared up by the time we got back into Geelong. Here’s a pic taken when it wasn’t drizzling!

Crossed paths

Up in the Otways near Apollo Bay back in May I was exiting a tight curve and a clubman sports car following a motorcycle flashed past in the opposite direction. Finally I’ve managed to join the dots and worked out that it was a friend of ours Peter – hot on the heels of his mate Steve on an Aprilia 1000.

Having been in this cute little machine I can tell you that it is a ton of fun and that it goes around corners like its on rails, certainly consistently faster than a motorcycle can corner.

Anyway here’s some pics that Pete sent me.

Great Ocean Road Winter 08

I’ve got the ‘flu and not feeling great so didn’t ride yesterday with Marty. I was feeling a bit better today so went for a short spin down to Lorne and back along the Great Ocean Road. It was overcast and threatening to rain when I left. Ambient temp 13C.

Just out of Lorne I caught up with an awesome sounding classic car (on club reg). It was Italian in origin and had a lovely V8 rumble from the twin exhausts. Had to pull up for a bit when I came across a smash between a car and a motorcycle on some tight curves. Fortunately the ambulance and police were there already. It didn’t look good and I’m thinking one of them was on the wrong side of the road. The sight of a bike down and the thought of the rider injured left me feeling a bit hollow, so I was happy to call it a (short) day and just head home.

VFR parked in Lorne, Vic.

Great Ocean Road = Great curves

New tank bag purchased from the US. Took only 6 days to arrive. Great service!

Road & River

I went to see Peter the owner of Road & River on Saturday morning for a new front tyre for the VFR. I wound up getting another Michelin Pilot Power. It turned out that I needed some new front disc pads as well, which Peter was able to do there and then for me.

I can highly recommend R&R for personalised service, perfect for those of us who want a specialist motorcycle business and don’t like the bland, impersonal “K Mart” type of experience that the big bike shops all seem to offer now. Road & River is also an authorized MV Agusta and Husqvarna dealer, so I just love to drool over those bikes while I’m there.

Have a good look at these things – they are “art” on 2 wheels. If only I could win the lottery!