My head says Ninja 1000, my heart says ZX14!

Checked out the new Ninja 1000 on Saturday. Got Mrs Tarsnakes aboard as well just to size it up for two-up riding. Got the thumbs up in terms of ‘fit’ for a pillion, though she felt perched a little high. The dealership we dropped in at doesn’t have a demo bike so I really cannot seriously consider it until I get to ride one.

Sitting aboard the Ninja 1000 it felt very short and maneuverable, seat height was OK-maybe just a fraction high, however, I felt that I was sitting ‘on’ the bike rather than ‘in’ it. The 3 position screen is very minimalist.

It’s $15,500 ride away at this dealership, though I saw them on sale at $15K ride away in Elizabeth St, Melbourne. 

Loved the black colour and the finish quality looked fine.
ABS is obviously a good thing.

Do you see that ZX14 in the top of the pic above? Well I had a little sit on that as well! Low seat height, great ergonomics, superior finish quality…….but maybe just a little too heavy for me at low speed when we’re two-up? I’ve recently ridden Bill’s ZX14 and know what a superb machine it is. They wanted $18K, ride away, for this superseded 2010 model.

I love black Kawasaki s. My head ‘says’ Ninja 1000, but my heart ‘says’ ZX14 !! Ah well, my history as a member of the ‘West Coast Procrastinators’ will no doubt serve me well.

Post script 23 March – my heart won, new ZX14 coming my way soon!