More wet tarsnakes

The shortest day of the year has passed, work has been demanding and it was time for Marty and I to take some motorcycle therapy.The road through the Otways were pretty treacherous in places, lots of mulched leaves and bark on the road and water lying across shaded corners – but what else can you expect in the middle of winter? Well at least it wasn’t raining here, as it was for the warm up for MotoGP in Assen – and it’s summer there! Temps somewhat comparable too.

Here’s some pics & I will post a few more words later.

First stop – the Gellibrand store

The recently installed hugger is clearly not very effective.

Marty has a little bit of pastie with his sauce!!
A blatant rip off. Avoid refueling at Apollo Bay if possible
A post ride debrief in sunshine on the outskirts of Geelong. 315kms of safe, sometimes challenging & enjoyable riding