Southern Classic 2011

The weather forecast was dire and the West Coast Procrastinators bailed from their plans to ride to Broadford to the historic races and opted for the comfort of the car. We last went to this event 2 years ago and it is such a contrast to the recent Aust MotoGP in terms of access to all areas and low key, low cost, non corporate motor sport.

Words to follow as I’m flat out with work, but here are some pics so you get a feel for the event.

Graeme Osborne, formerly of Geelong Vic.Doug Fraser’s BSA V twin that could have been. (Empire twin)

4 thoughts on “Southern Classic 2011

  1. Oh yeah!!!!!!! Now that’s my kind of motorcycle!! Great photos Jules but you’ve got me intrigued. What’s the bike with the trellis frame, BSA tank badge and vee twin motor. It’s not one of those Aussie V twins I used to read about in the late 80’s and 80’s is it? V2 Engineering rings a bell, but I might be wrong. Looking forward to the accompanying words!

    • Geoff, thanks for your interest & congratulations on your latest IAM success. My apologies for not responding on your site but I’ve been really pushed for time.

      The BSA pictured is the 3rd in a series built by a guy in Melbourne named Doug Fraser at his business, Emu Engineering. Here’s a link to some up to date info

      Emu Engineering

      I will post a pic of one of the others when I get a moment, but here is some older info.

      Empire V Twin

      All the best Geoff.

      Cheers Jules.

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