Spring in the Otways – lots of bugs & bad asphalt

After a week of miserable weather we finally got a sensational Spring day – around 30C (86F) and blue skies. We took our typical Otways run and it was a treat to be riding in such warm conditions.

Larger route map HERE

The riding was so good that I hardly took any pics. The countryside is just lush, green and alive with bugs and birds. It’s actually hard to imagine that prior to last year we had a decade of drought. However, I really have to comment on the appalling state of the many of the roads and more particularly the road repairs – unbelievably amateurish looking patches with fine screenings about the edges! This is a major tourist route to the 12 Apostles and the Otways National Park in southern Australia and the road conditions are an embarrassment.

I took just two pics today. One was of the ZX14 before I left to meet up with Marty (look at those roses).

The other was of a great looking Harley at the gas station in Apollo Bay, ridden by a nice young woman from Echuca (Vic) on her first run on the Great Ocean Road. She said her buddy also had a white HD as well.

Ride safe ladies and enjoy your weekend.

We stopped for a break at the microbrewery at Forrest and bumped into an old work colleague whom we hadn’t seen for many years, which just added to a grand day’s riding. Yes Di, we did see you sampling those beers!

6 thoughts on “Spring in the Otways – lots of bugs & bad asphalt

  1. Great to see that you got out in beautiful conditions Jules! You can never escape cleaning the bike though, eh? Baked-on road crap if the weather is poor, or bugs fastened on with Araldite if it’s warm and sunny.

    The standard of road repairs on our Peninsula is something we share with you! The actual standard of repairs are reasonably decent but the removal of loose gravel leaves an awful lot to be desired.

    Your “nice young woman” comment is somewhat enigmatic – care to expand on it? Nice personality, nice-looking in her leathers? If you were allowed only one answer, I bet I’d get your answer right 🙂

    Happy lawbreaking!!

  2. Geoff, I’d be embarrassed to admit to how long I actually spent cleaning the bugs off the ZX14 when I got home – along with getting some tar off the wheels. “Nice young woman” actually means very nicely spoken, well kitted out, approachable for a chat and too smart to let me take her picture with her bike!
    Cheers Jules.

  3. Yes I did sample two lovely beers! Wanted to make a purchase but the brewer had a broken arm so they were out of bottles. Will have to return.
    Inspiring to see you both maximising life outside of work and have passed your name on to my brother hoping he will contact you when he finishes building his house in Appollo Bay.

    • Hey Di, who could blame you after all that painting at Andy’s, I’m thinking that he owes you a few beers! Another great microbrewery and restaurant is over near Colac at the Otway Estate vineyard – they make Prickly Moses beers – see my ‘Links’ section.

      Great to catch up last Saturday.

      Cheers Jules.

  4. Hi I’am Di’s little brother and she told me about your rides around the otways i would like to keep in contact and if possible come and ride with you as most guys i use to ride with have sold their bikes I’m building a house in apollo bay which is nearly finished and will be able to come out and play soon i ride a harley 2006 fatboy but that may change in the near futher and yes my sister dose sneek a beer or two or four
    Cheers Andy

    • G’day Andy

      Thanks for making contact. Sounds like you will have a very good capital asset – a place in Apollo bay is a damn good investment. You are most welcome to join us – as you can see we do a lot of our riding in the Otways area and usually one or two decent trips per year interstate – the Snowy mountains and Tassie being amongst our favorites.

      I will send you an email over the weekend as I’m away for work for the rest of this week.


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