Inland run to Ararat

Awoke to a magnificent Spring day, just right for riding. All the pics below feature lots of blue sky. This was long overdue after a very wet week, Melbourne having had some fierce storms on Thursday..

Our route

larger version HERE

Lunch stop. I should have photographed our visors. The air was thick with insects, so much so that a stop was needed each hour just to clean our visors enough to be able to see.Snake Valley 1914-1918 war memorial. Every other small town memorial I’ve seen has a statue of a soldier – this one is different.

Nice old place opposite the memorial.

Wind farm turbines between Beaufort and Ararat

Marty waiting patiently while I took some shots

Challicum HillsI think I’ve mentioned before that I love riding this motorcycle!

It was uncharacteristic for us to head inland on a day like this, but I’m glad that we did. I wore my textile gear just to see how breathable it was on a warm day as I plan to take textile rather than leather gear to NZ in February. The initial impression was that it breathes OK, I certainly didn’t feel like I was in a plastic bag as I’ve done in the past with non Gor-Tex lined stuff.

The whole trip was 417 kms. A great day out.


3 thoughts on “Inland run to Ararat

  1. Jules,
    What a great run in gorgeous scenery. I think we copped your second-hand weather earlier in the week. You obviously prefer the coast on such a day, but do all the cagers prefer the coast too and clog it up? And what about the boys in blue?

  2. Ken, I’m not sure if it’s the same in the USA but just about every town, no matter how small has a memorial that was paid for by the local citizens. I’ve just started photographing them on various rides for interest sake.

    Geoff, I’m afraid the boys in blue along with speed cameras in unmarked vehicles are making it hard to have fun on a high performance motorcycle. Frustrating that speeds that are legal in the US and Europe will see you lose your license here.

    Cheers Jules.

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