At last it’s finished (Andy’s Commando refurbishment)

I received the email blow from my mate Andy whose been doing some work on his lovely Norton Commando.

Finished it on Sat, rode it yesterday, after sorting out a couple of minor glitches, I can report that this incarnation rides like a modern bike. The throttle is light as a feather, as is the clutch. Vibration is non-existent, the gear ratios are excellent, and…………it IDLES!!!

I’m so impressed, I thought I’d take a couple of snaps before the pipes discolour.

All I need to do now is get some miles on it.

Post rebuild pics of the Commando

I suggested to Andy that he send me a summary of whats been done so that I could post it here for all to see. Below is his account.

Jules,     The whole exercise started as an attempt to cure persistent oil leaks, I coated the inside of the crankcases with an oil resistant paint that cost $70.00 for 400ml, and took two months to obtain.

Whilst waiting, I had the piston skirts Teflon coated and the crowns ceramic coated, bringing the piston clearance back to 3.5 thou,  fitted gapless rings, new 2S camshaft and a Mikuni single carb conversion.

Drive train has been shouted a belt drive primary, radial bearing for the clutch release, a close ratio gear set, new sprockets and chain, new Stainless vernier adjustable isolastics.

Suspension got new progressive fork springs, new Hagon rear suspension units.

A pair of nice Magura levers made the bars look pretty, and anything that wasn’t already stainless got converted (brake cable clevis’s, cable adjusters, lever pivots etc)

I also got my claws on a new petrol tank made with ethanol resistant resin, as mine has a patch of de-lamination happening, (although very slowly). Haven’t fitted the tank yet as I want to line it first.

Some weeks ago in Andy’s shed

Some older pics and movies of this Commando – Hot New Years Day 2008 and more recently on Pashnit New Years Day 2011 or even some video here.

Well done mate! Now it’s a better bike to ride and still looks like a great example of a late 1960’s Norton.

3 thoughts on “At last it’s finished (Andy’s Commando refurbishment)

  1. Jules,
    That’s a fantastic post and your mate is to be congratulated on such a stunning restoration. It’s simply wonderful that these bikes are still around AND ridden regularly.

    I’m having problems with your website notifying me when you’ve made a new post at present – will investigate it today.

  2. Geoff – Andy is a ‘fella with a great many skills – including being very good with a lathe to make his own parts and also specializes in telecommunications optical fibre cables in his day job. The Commando is but one bike in his fleet and he has enough resto work ahead of him to last about 2 lifetimes.

    I think I need to import a “subscribe” widget to the blog – just not sure how to do it in WordPress.

    Roger, yes I admire mechanical skills as well. Most of my motorcycle buddies are quite good mechanics – alas I’m the exception!

    Cheers Jules.

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