You look tired …

…. is what Maria from the Gellibrand store said to me at my first stop today. She was right ….. I just wasn’t really sharp enough today for a long ride. So I re-routed, took 100 kms off the intended journey distance, took my time, and dropped in to see Steve (think black Commando) for a couple of hours. All of which led to an enjoyable day out!

A couple of shots from Beech Forest in the Otway ranges (Vic).

So just 240 kms all up, but that’s all that was within my capability today.

3 thoughts on “You look tired …

  1. Thanks for dropping by Ken. Yes I know the Iron Butt riders always say that it’s better to pull out of a ride and live to ride another day, rather than ignore your body and risk injury.

    We are now in the 4th day of summer, but it’s still more like early Spring, cool and unpredictable.

    Congratulations of your tree sale in the festival of trees. See THIS

    Cheers Jules.

  2. Smart move Jules! Might just have something to do with the time of the year mate. I have to go to Auckland tomorrow for an IAM meeting. Showers are forecast and I simply can’t be arsed to get togged up to ride in the rain. Taking Jennie’s little rocket ship instead!

    Smart move indeed listening to your body and head!

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