Saturday morning at Forrest

Being so close to Christmas we all seem pretty busy and a motorcycle ride certainly didn’t rate very highly on Mrs Tarsnakes agenda for me. It was the same situation at Marty’s household, however, he had a new helmet to road test and a new front tire to scrub in. So in the spirit of compromise it was decided over dinner last night that the boys could go out for the morning, but would be back by lunchtime for their family responsibilities. It occurred to me that between the two couples we have a total of 65 years of married life – so I guess that we’ve become good negotiators over the years! Actually, we are both lucky ‘fellas to have great partners who are so supportive of our motorcycling addiction!

Here’s a couple of pics from our short time off the leash this morning.

The reason for our ride – Marty’s new Shoei. It’s a TZ-X in Aust, but called a Qwest elsewhere in the world.

It was pretty quiet at Forrest, just us and the 1960 Morris Minor ute (pickup for those of you in the USA).Just as we were about to leave a couple pulled in on a 1975 Mark 3 Norton Commando 850. They were heading inland from the coast. I have to mention that there was not a single drop of oil leaked from this old Brit classic whilst parked!

All up we had a great morning run in very pleasant 23 C temperature. Maybe this is the beginning of the Summer that hasn’t happened yet.

PS – For all Kawasaki fans, a great 1970’s promotional video HERE

4 thoughts on “Saturday morning at Forrest

  1. Jules,
    Great negotiators or simply cave in when you get the LOOK from your better halves? 😉

    It seems like a lot of Commandos have survived the passage of time, doesn’t it?

    How did the helmet perform? My Shoei will be 5 next year and as they seem to be the best-fitting brand for my head, I’m always interested in later models.

  2. Geoff, it’s a bit degrading but “fretting” was the word Mrs Tarsnakes actually used to describe the look on my face when she mentioned the painting that she wanted me to do instead of riding!

    Marty was very pleased with the Shoei. He’s had Shark helmets in the past and went to buy a Shark, but just could not get the fit he was happy with, so went with the Shoei. He said it’s more quiet than his old Shark at low speed but much the same sort of noise levels at speed, not that it matters much as we always wear earplugs anyway. The TZ-X (AKA Qwest) got a 5 star rating from the UK Sharp testing & I think it is Snell 2010 rated. See Sharp http: //

    Some specs for the Qwest HERE

    I love the convenience of my Shoei Multitec, however, they do not score very well in side impact tests due to the hinge mechanism and are only a 3 star rating on Sharp. It is just about to be superseded by the Shoei NEOTEC

    As an aside on tires, Marty’s gone back to the single compound Michelin Pilot Power on the front of his ZX9 after similar poor performance as I experienced with the Pilot Pure – namely excessive cupping and quite poor feel. We’ve concluded that the Pilot Pure just does not suit heavier motorcycles.

    Congrats on the new grandchild Geoff, a lovely Christmas gift for the whole family.

    All the best for the festive season.

    Cheers Jules.

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