The 2012 Ninja ZX14R

I received an email from Kawasaki Australia to announce the availability of the new Ninja in Australia. Of course there is the usual hyperbole associated with a new release, such as

“ ….twisting the throttle past 4,000 rpm may result in a sensation not entirely unlike that experienced by astronauts breaking free from the Earth’s gravitational pull”.

Despite that sort of rubbish, there is actually some interesting technical info available at their site.

Here’s the link to the Ninja ZX14R

UK online magazine Visordown test HERE

Official accessories, centre stand, top box, Akrapovic slip-ons etc HERE

I wonder how much it costs? Despite Kawasaki Australia saying that this model has been released in Oz, I rang peter Stevens Kawasaki in Melbourne, who said that they don’t have the pricing yet nor do they have one in stock!

Big Kwaka