The 2012 Ninja ZX14R

I received an email from Kawasaki Australia to announce the availability of the new Ninja in Australia. Of course there is the usual hyperbole associated with a new release, such as

“ ….twisting the throttle past 4,000 rpm may result in a sensation not entirely unlike that experienced by astronauts breaking free from the Earth’s gravitational pull”.

Despite that sort of rubbish, there is actually some interesting technical info available at their site.

Here’s the link to the Ninja ZX14R

UK online magazine Visordown test HERE

Official accessories, centre stand, top box, Akrapovic slip-ons etc HERE

I wonder how much it costs? Despite Kawasaki Australia saying that this model has been released in Oz, I rang peter Stevens Kawasaki in Melbourne, who said that they don’t have the pricing yet nor do they have one in stock!

Big Kwaka

7 thoughts on “The 2012 Ninja ZX14R

    • Roger, yes hard to imagine needing more horse power or torque, but my model is surprisingly refined and it is able to be ridden at the legal speed limits quite comfortably. I really don’t care about the traction control and 3 engine modes, but the ABS would be a real benefit. My mate Marty is seriously considering replacing his ZX9R with one of these.

  1. I did replace my zx-9r with one of these and OMG what power and grace it has…fantastic bike….however miss the nine tho

    • Stephen

      Thanks for your comment. Have you replaced the mufflers yet? Marty hasn’t been able to get much specific info about what slip ons actually fit the 2012 model

      • Hi,
        No I’ve not replaced mufflers as yet but I’m looking at the Akrapovics (S-K14SO4-HZAAT) but they are very expensive at $1800 and up some are going for over $2000, but there isn’t a lot available, the UK Kawasaki has them as an accessory tho but pricey…..

  2. I am 61 and have just moved from a VFR800 up to a beautiful black 2012 ZX14R. Already fitted Helibar Risers, Yoshimura R77 Carbon Fibre slip ons, Rad Guard, OEM centre stand, clear armour, home made fender eliminator, Ventura Estoril tail bag . I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have not had a problem on this bike. It is much smoother through the grips than the old VFR and the bar risers help reduce the weight on my wrists. This bike is awesome and the only complaint that I have is that it is pretty severe on rear tyres. Suppose that there has to be some trade off for getting all that power to the black stuff. The Bridgestone S20 Hypersport tyres that come on the bike may be a bit on the soft side but they have unbelievable grip in both dry and wet conditions. Replacement tyres are readily available from Jake Wilson and are only $301 a set, delivered to your door. Fitting the OEM centre stand with the Yoshimura pipes required some modifications to the stand and a small stainless bracket had to be fabricated and welded to the RHS mid pipe. I love my black beauty.

    • Garry

      Congratulations on the new machine. Surely is a beautiful bike ans I think they are excellent value for money as well. My mate Marty will be interested to hear about the exhaust mods in particular.

      Michelin Pilot Road 3’s or 2’s seem to be the go for tyres that have plenty of grip and outlast the OEM Bridgestones by a long margin.

      Ride safe Garry.

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