Paint protection film

I’ve had a problem with the front of my jacket rubbing against the back of the petrol tank which in time will damage the paint. I fitted a typical tank protector but it lifted at the edges when we had some really hot weather.The next time I was heading out for a ride Mrs Tarsnakes hastily fitted some contact to the tank to protect it from my gut rubbing the paintwork – it looked pretty awful!

This was a temporary measure until I was able to get some paint protection film (PPF) professionally fitted. Today was the day, so I headed off to Melbourne to Pete’s place as the guys who install it offer a mobile service. The company is Invisable Car Bras.

Here’s James (standing) and Simon (I think) fitting the PPF.

Can you see where it’s fitted up the back of the tank and along the sides? Probably not, even though installation was incomplete in this pic, as they hadn’t finished the edges at this stage! It was quite difficult to get a decent pic with all the glare and reflections.

I will keep you posted on how it performs over time. They guarantee it against scuffing & deterioration – so time will tell. I didn’t think to ask James if the product is resistant to petrol spills, I guess I’d better be careful. Pete has the full kit across all the frontal surfaces on his ZX14 and you really have to know the product is there to detect where the edges are, otherwise if you are not specifically looking for it you just won’t see it.

It was a boring run back down the freeway to Geelong being buffeted by a hot northerly wind and was home by midday, just as the mercury hit the 30C (86F) mark.