Plan B = the ride to Maldon

Mrs Tarsnakes and I took a run just a few weeks ago, just before summer officially finished and it was a ‘scorcher’. It was forecast to be 38C so we took off early and headed towards Forrest for a short ride, but abandoned that plan at Dean’s Marsh and headed for Lorne on the GOR. The ride through the bush on the twisty road to Lorne ended up being the best part of the day. By 11.00am in Lorne it was around 35C, so we headed for home. Kind of frustrating to be beaten by weather that was too hot!

Overlooking Lorne main beach

I’ve been itching for a ride since then, but haven’t been able to get out due to some important family functions. So today’s ride with Marty was much anticipated as the weather forecast was for an ideal Autumn day – around 22C and sunny. Unfortunately we awoke to clouds and drizzle.  A ‘phone call from Marty and ‘Plan B” was activated – namely wait an hour and see what happens with the weather!

By an hour later I had checked all the weather sites and rain radar and reckoned that  a trip inland to the historic town of Maldon in central Victoria would offer the best chance of sunny skies – which it did.

Here’s our route

We stopped for a short break at Newstead, just before Maldon.

I saw this lovely old MG sedan in Newstead. Like many such vehicles now, on club rego.