Motorcyclists targeted!

An article obviously based on a press release form Victoria Police.

The Age

I’ve experienced this ‘targeting’ previously on the Great Ocean Road and it’s typically operationalized as blatant harassment of motorcyclists.




2 thoughts on “Motorcyclists targeted!

  1. Stories like this really shit me. Its not like we are dangerous criminals or anything. The police have far bigger problems to deal with here in sydney when there are shootings every second day. How about targeting drug dealers and those type of crims. Yeah that would take real policing which is hard work, not like hiding in the bushes ambushing innocent motorcyclist for a few kays over the limit which takes no effort.

    • G’day Chillertek,

      I find it amazing that in this era of political correctness that they can so blatantly target one part of the community. I accept that at Easter there are a lot of people on the road, many of them driving far too far for the time available and that in these circumstances there needs to be an increased police presence – but why “target” motorcyclists? I’ve been for a short ride this morning, I left at dawn and thoroughly enjoyed it – but I was glad to be home by lunchtime!

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