Early Easter run

It’s Good Friday and we are having a run of unseasonably hot weather – which comes to an end today. It’s not a great time to be on the roads and I’ve already declined a run to the High Country with a neighbor and another over-nighter with Bill. I’m not sure if the petrol station would be open but I have enough fuel in the jerry can to fill the tank. OK, so “I have a cunning plan” as Baldrick would say – up early,  leave at dawn and be home at lunchtime. Mrs Tarsnakes gives her OK – which was very gracious as she is in the midst of painting and we have guests coming for dinner tonight! I think that she knows how therapeutic motorcycling is, given the tensions of my workplace. Thanks mate!

I usually ride past this old place, but always wonder who has lived there and what sort of life they must have had.

Virtually nothing was open – the Gellibrand store included – so I continued on until Beech Forest to take some pics. While I was there the ‘fella who runs the ‘Ridge’ cafe (also closed for Good Friday) drove by, obviously recognised me and pulled in for a chat.

Still trying to get the perfect shot here.

It’s a matter of perspective I guess.

I headed along Turton’s Track – super vigilant for tourist traffic. I saw seven vehicles, a record for this short stretch.

There was quite a bit of traffic on the Apollo Bay road, even though it was still quite early – all trying to beat the traffic I guess! As I rolled into Forrest I saw that the brewery cafe was open. Actually it was the only thing that I’d seen open.

I saw this sign

then this – the subject matter!

After a nice milkshake, I saddled up and cruised home, well ahead of my midday time line.

This is very warm for Autumn ( Fall for those of you in North America). A great ride, but now I’m off to do some yard work and a few other chores.

Happy and safe Easter everyone.