Broadford Bike Bonanza Easter 2012

This event for classic motorcycles has been held for three years and Mrs Tarsnakes and I have attended all three. It’s probably fair to say that there are more Japanese era classic motorcycles at this event than really old motorcycles as it’s sponsored by Honda, however, I’ve never seen so many Indians at an event than were present this year. There is no formal racing permitted, just demonstration laps, but it’s pretty obvious that some of those laps are hotly contested.

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Sir Alan Cathcart at speed on the Irving Vincent

I met Alan last year and actually got his autograph. I found him to be a thorough gentleman, completely unaffected by his status and certainly no snob. Here is a link to a great report on the Irving Vincent that Cathcart did for ‘Classic Bike Guide’ magazine IRVING VINCENT

This event is a great opportunity for people with road going classic bikes to get them out on the track as well. Clearly there were lots of ‘non racing’ type folk who relished the opportunity. Another great aspect of this event is the unlimited pit access and opportunity to talk to owners of specific bikes.

What Kawasaki fan could not admire this nicely modified Kawasaki Z1?

The magnificent Irving Vincent

Beautiful Norton 500cc Dominator. Steve this pic is for you!

A genuine 1951 series C Black Shadow.

Suzuki. Andy this pic is for you!

Stretched “limo” bike!!

The Indian owners’ club was out in force.

But back to the Kwakas! The “Mongrel” Ninja GPz900 below caught my eye because of its big external frame brace. Having owned a Z1R, I’m familiar with the “hinged” nature of the frames on big bore Kawasakis, which went on for far longer than it should have. I asked the owner a little about the brace and we ended up having an interesting chat about the history of the bike. He told me that he’d bought it new and owned it ever since, that it had been around Australia a couple of times and since being converted from a road bike to a track bike, it had enjoyed some good successes. One such achievement was winning the Period 6 Australian  title at Phillip Island earlier this year, with times in the 1’40’s, but with a younger rider aboard. This casual interaction amongst enthusiasts typifies everything that I love about such meetings and ‘privateer’ racing.

Owner agreed to me taking his photo. Thanks mate, I love your big Kwaka.

1960 350cc Manx Norton

As Mrs Tarsnakes and I were having lunch I got a call from a mate named Bill. He was also there with Phil (who has also just bought a ZX14 after a ride on Bill’s), so we caught up and spent the rest of the arvo with them.

Mrs Tarsnakes loves the Moto Guzzi Le Mans and sidecar racing. She could watch sidecars racing all day if you’d let her!

A nice example of a Honda 4 powered outfit.

The owner of the white Le Mans above teased Mrs T with stories of an immaculate red Le Mans that he knows of for sale in ‘the Western District’ of Victoria – but try as she might, she couldn’t get it out of him where it is! A nice Le Mans would probably be a better investment than money in the bank in today’s post GFC world.

If I was able to purchase a classic bike it would certainly be a Japanese era bike that I’d always admired – the Honda CBX1000 6 cylinder. A 1989 in red would do me nicely!

The legendary TZ750 Yamaha. This ‘B’ model was actually a 700cc originally

You should have heard these when they fired up! Four straight through megaphones on each.

In fact I have some video of these two being fired up. HONDAS

Just for a change from classic Japanese motorcycles, here’s a beautiful example of a desirable Brit bike spotted in the general parking area.

Team Tarsnakes.

This was a great day out and an event that I happily recommend. This is the 3rd year it’s been run and it just gets bigger and better each time. I have far too many great pics from the day to post here, the rest of the shots are in this gallery Broadford

A bit more video of people just cruising around the circuit in an open session – I was surprised that riders were allowed on the track with kevlar jeans rather than full leathers – just demo laps I guess. CLICK HERE