Autumn in the Otways

Last week we planned to ride the Otways on Easter Sunday with our partners aboard, however, the weather was cold and windy. The newspapers all reported that Easter had marked the last of the good weather, even though it’s early autumn (fall). Well the weather forecasters got it all wrong yet again and we’ve just had a sensational weekend with blue skies and the temps in the mid to high 20 Celsius range.

We met Marty & Pauline on the outskirts of Geelong and headed towards Colac via Dean’s Marsh. It was a glorious, one T-shirt under the leathers, kind of morning. Our first stop was at Maria & Paul’s store in Gellibrand. It’s our usual first coffee stop. It was great to be greeted via the the kitchen window as we pulled up with “Hello Tarsnakes – I’ve been looking at your blog lately” from Maria.

On the counter were ‘Choo Choo Bars’ which excited the girls enormously – not having seen them since their childhood days!

I’ve been meaning to take a shot of their fabulous antique cash register for some time. Isn’t it a ripper?

It was a bit early for lunch, so we headed on just a little further to Lavers Hill. The road twists its way uphill through the bush and it is a great strip of scenic and fun road to ride. Both Marty and I are fortunate in that we both have excellent passengers who enjoyed the run up through the winding road as much as we did.

Lunch stop at Lavers Hill. The colors of the vine covering the outdoor deck are lovely. Pauline took a few shots and then the waitress offered to take a pic of all of us (though it’s not so good due to shooting into the sun).

From Lavers Hill we rode the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay in perfect conditions.

Blue sky as far as the eye can see.


Other than fuel, we didn’t stop in Apollo Bay. We were in for a shock, I’m not sure if you can read that gas price – but it is just on $1.88 per LITRE for premium!!

We had a great run up through the hills to Forrest, where we stopped at the Brewery for a break and a chat before the final  run back to Geelong. All up we did 312 Kms through some great countryside in excellent – and unexpected – sunshine.

Great company, great roads and great weather – a motorcyclist can’t ask for any more than that!


8 thoughts on “Autumn in the Otways

    • A monopoly is a marvelous thing isn’t it? Apollo Bay has a permanent population of around 1700 people and typically around 15,000 over the summer holidays, but there is only one petrol station and they charge what they like – often they more expensive than places in outback Australia.

  1. Great photos – wonderful autumnal colours. I have noticed that all that riding involves is steering the bike from one eatery to another…

    Try $2.25 a litre for premium – glad the MP3 gets about 25km/l

    • Mark, the countryside is looking fantastic. My ZX14 is not very fuel efficient – only around 16km/l – and at a pinch I can get 300kms out of a tankful. But really, the price of fuel is not going to stop me from doing what I like – namely riding a motorcycle! Compared with the UK and Europe it’s still cheap.

      As for eateries, plenty that I haven’t visited yet! Actually, they are springing up all over the place in these tiny little country towns that in the past we just rode through. They actually now provide a target destination to ride to, which is great for us and the rural economy. I love visiting wineries, the only catch being that we don’t drink and ride – so it’s a kind of masochism I guess!

  2. Autumn colors are stunning mate, I have kind of lost faith in our weather man as well….the forecast storm over Easter…..ended up being one of the best ever.

    • G’day Roger, we’ve had an Autumn that’s been more like a late summer. It did turn nasty over Easter only to come good again, which has been great for getting a few more kms under the wheels.

  3. Nice post Jules , subject matter change with lots of people and colour , I like Marks comment about about the bike being a means, to get from one eatery to the next . LIfe is indeed good !

    • Steve, I spent all day Saturday painting the kitchen and then after riding Sunday I was a stiff as a board, so all that stopping and dining wasn’t just for the girl’s benefit! It occurred to me that with all the native vegetation in the Otways we actually don’t get much of a sensation of Autumn colours.
      Cheers Jules.

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