Latest TAC motorcycle safety ad

10 May Update:

A very balanced critique of the advertisement appeared in today’s Age newspaper.

TAC ad critique

There is some irony to this advertisement as the Honda Accord Euro that I sold in February was one used in this ad!


It is of concern that the car DOES NOT have its right indicator on.

I’m sure that exonerating a car driver essentially on the basis of “Sorry mate I didn’t see you”, even with a speeding motorcyclist, will generate complaints amongst the motorcycling fraternity. A driver texting may have been a more realistic scenario!

FWIW -the car was bought by Max Action Vehicles who provide vehicles for all types of advertising.

3 thoughts on “Latest TAC motorcycle safety ad

  1. I like the fact that the videos that TAC do are very realistic, but I think that they are also a big load of cods wallop. Yeah so what he was doing 68kmh, well if he was doing 120kmh then the car wouldn’t have had a chance to pull out on him therefore making riding much safer.

  2. Afternoon Tarsnakes,
    Saw this latest TAC video on the MP3 forum of the Modern Vespa site a day or so ago… Have just put a note there about your connection. Will be interesting to see if any of the MV readers also have a look at your blog.

    When I watched the video I didn’t notice the lack of indication, just thought “What would I do in that situation?” Once would have been handfuls of brake, now more likely to be thinking of escape routes…


    • Mark, I had a good chat with the woman from Max Action Vehicles who bought the car about the various ‘shoots’ that they do. For example, all the business names on the nearby buildings are fictitious and any vehicles that are parked in the street are all props, like ‘extras’ in a movie shoot. I’ve actually registered my ZX14 with them as a potential extra for an advertising shoot just for fun. it will be interesting to see if I ever get a call.

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