5 thoughts on “Stoner to quit

  1. It will be a shame to see him go, but good on him for being ballsey enough to make a decision, for better or worse, and not being a “has been” that is just filling a grid place to pad his wallet like so many others.

  2. Jules,
    Saw this on the UK Blackbird site this morning along with a sarcastic dig. It always amazes me that the northern hemisphere fans don’t like Casey and think he’s a whinger. Personally, I think he just speaks from the heart. It’s interesting that not many people from the north berate Rossi now that he’s having a tough time on the Ducati.

    Good on Casey for putting his family first. Wonder if he’ll end up in Aussie supercars?

  3. I agree with you Geoff ! I think he has made a decision in the light of his circumstances that have changed over the years ,as we all have had to do , at least the smart ones do anyway

    • Flyboy, I agree fully – very ballsy effort. Hopefully he won’t get injured between now and year’s end and can enjoy being a Dad to that new bub!

      Geoff, I suspect some folk don’t like Stoner because he won’t play the game and tell them what they want to hear. He offends them by being forthright and departing from the fantasy world script they have about motorsport.

      Chillertek – I wasn’t going to go this year but my wife says that she will go without me if I don’t! Hopefully we can catch up there.

      Steve – yep the smart one’s know when to walk away. I think that there’s a message in that for me!

      Cheers Jules.

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