Lorne for coffee

It was a chilly 5C this morning, however, the bright sunshine and promise of warmer temps along the coast lured us out for a short ride along the GOR to Lorne, then home via Deans Marsh.

We sat out in the sunshine at a Greek cafe right by the pier.

Helmets by the bay!

As we were leaving a guy offered to take a shot of us by the ZX14

It got cloudy and cool as we wound our way up through the bush and the curves to Deans Marsh. We overtook a couple two up on a sport bike who were going extremely cautiously – I’m sure the bike’s stability was not helped by how high up the pillion was perched. As we came up behind them I actually thought the lass on the back was standing up as she was literally head and shoulders above the rider.Once we hit the Cape Otway Rd the sun came out and we enjoyed a good run home.


9 thoughts on “Lorne for coffee

  1. Nice pics Jules. Looks like you and the Mrs had a great day out. How does the ZX-14 go with a passenger? I know my bike feels terrible with a passenger onboard. They can see straight over my head perched up high at the back.

    • G’day Chillertek, it’s a great bike for a pillion. Mrs T is not perched up high or too far behind the rear axle, so it all feels pretty stable. Tons of power of course. I was actually pretty keen to get the Ninja 1000 at first, but we both sat on it and realized that it was not going to work well two up.

      A mate of mine has a 2009 ZX14 and he has slightly lowered the pillion pegs and fitted a seat from the Kawa GTR. He and his wife did a trip from Melbourne to Qld and back last year and they were both comfortable.

  2. Lovely photo of the 2 of you with the bike Jules, that one’s a keeper for a place on the sideboard! Your weather looks pretty good. Our autumn has been a sight better than summer this time around. Let’s hope that the La Nina weather pattern has finally scarpered for both our sakes!

    • Geoff, yes “you meet the nicest people” as the old Honda slogan used to say! Unfortunately I think we’ve seen the end of any decent weather now. It rained long and hard overnight, just to remind us that winter is here!

    • Cheers Ken. When it comes to the significance of the pic of the two helmets, you are the first one to get it. Must have been a bit too cryptic that one of them is a shark!

  3. Hi Jules,good to catch up on your latest adventures on the mighty ZX. I just dropped 7kg from mine by fitting some Staintunes which also look & sound fantastic.A K&N air filter was fitted at 18k service as the original was stuffed.(mechanic said ram air bikes filters should be checked regularly) i now agree.Say hi to Mrs TS &Marty & can we please do another Snowys ride later this year? Cheers LP

    • G’day Phil. Glad to hear that you are personalising the ZX. How do the Staintunes sound, baffles in or out? Marty’s just bought a brand new 2012 ZX14 in Kawasaki green – looks spectacular. I will see if I can post some pics later.

      I like the sound of another Snowys run, will have to work out the holidays etc as Mrs T and I are taking another trip to NZ in Feb.

  4. Hi Jules. the baffles stay out ,sounds better without them. Please congratulate Marty for me,i think it will look like a ZX14 ride day next time we all get together.Will keep an eye out for the pics of Marty’s new toy. Maybe we could look at cup weekend in November for a few days ride if it suits everyone. Cheers for now LP.

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