Congratulations Marty!

Peter Stevens showroom, Elizabeth St Melbourne. Marty with his new 2012 Kawasaki ZX14R.

Always a good idea to set the mirrors prior to hitting the city traffic for the very first time on a brand new motorcycle.

A couple of Marty’s pics from its maiden voyage

On the Great Ocean Road near Apollo Bay

A couple of my shots.

Full details for the Australian delivery ZX14 HERE


9 thoughts on “Congratulations Marty!

  1. Hey a shiney new toy. Green with envy here. Congrats I bet he’s going to love the bike. The most powerful bike on the planet I hear, may as well take it down to the RTA and hand his license back in now. LOL

    • Hey, my mechanic told me to have a good long look at my license when I got my ZX14 “…cause your not gonna keep it very long”. A year on and I still have all my points in tact (hope I haven’t jinxed myself saying that). Despite the warp factor capability they are an incredibly easy bike just to cruise along on as well. Pete, who has the red 2010 ZX14,says it’s a much easier bike to ride that his Fireblade was.

      I’m really impressed with the paint quality on Marty’s new bike, it looks sensational in the flesh. He’s shopping around for some slip on mufflers to replace those ugly stock pipes though.

  2. Marty’s a lucky lad Jules – reckon that it’s a bigger chick magnet than the black ‘un?

    Still reckon that it’ll be a bigger cop magnet, which is of course to your considerable advantage 🙂

    • Chick magnet “…tell him he’s dreaming”. As to the second point – I had actually considered that.

      I suspect that Marty’s 14 is the only current model in green around Geelong and district as they literally only came off the boat a week ago.

  3. gday, got a green zx14r myself aftter trading in my 08, Marty where did you get the first 1000km service done at?? Any recommended dealers?? thanks JASON

      • Hi Jason, congratulations on the new bike! Sure you’ll have a great time with it. Jules and I both live in Geelong and so have known the guys in Peter Stevens for quite a while (bought a ZX9R from them in 07). I had the first service done there just in case there were any issues. Very happy with the work. Have normally had John Kaiser from JK Motorcycles undertake all the work on my bikes previously; he is a great guy, honest and you know who is working on the bike.

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