Helibar riser blocks

Most of the time I’m quite comfortable with the forward lean to the handlebars on the ZX14. However, occasionally if I’m restricted to riding under 80 kph (50 mph) as can be the case on sections of the Great Ocean Road, I’ve noticed a little more weight on my wrists that I’d like.

Consequently I’ve purchased a pair of riser blocks made by Helibar. These retain the factory clip ons, but slot in under them to raise the bars 20mm and bring them back 10mm. They are literally a 10 minute install. Unfortunately Helibar won’t ship to Australia so they have to be purchased locally and cost $40 more than the US price!

The weather is so wet and cold here that I haven’t been able to go for a ride and determine whether they will make any difference. The bars now appear to be about the same height as the stock bars on the VFR800 were.


3 thoughts on “Helibar riser blocks

  1. Nice-looking bits of kit Jules and looking forward to hearing your views. Helibar risers are what Blackbird riders use as an alternative to fitting VFR 800 bars.

    I presume you went to the Helibar website to find out they wouldn’t ship direct to Australia? I had the same issue with my Sena comms set but after a few false starts, was able to eventually find a U.S-based dealer who would actually ship to me, so was able to get them much cheaper than having to buy them in NZ.

    • Geoff, I emailed Helibar USA and they said that they wouldn’t ship to Aust. I guess I could have hunted around the US dealers a bit more, however, the fact that the Aust distributor had them in stock for the ZX14 and I had to drive virtually past their door for a work commitment last week made me take the easy, though pricey, option.

      No chance of a test ride this weekend unfortunately, it’s been very wet, cold and windy here this weekend.

  2. You’ll be surprised how much difference that 20mm up and 10mm back will make. You will definetly notice it on the longer rides where you are riding all day. You won’t be as tired as you would normally get.

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