Winter sun

My neigbour Mitch joined Marty and I for a run through the Otways in glorious winter sunshine. It was 2C at our first stop at Gellibrand when these shots were taken.

The Helibar riser blocks were a great success. I was really comfortable with the bars being just that little higher and certainly I wouldn’t want to be any more upright. I suspect that a taller person might have an issue with wind blast from the fairing, but for me it was fine.

2 thoughts on “Winter sun

    • It was actually a great ride. Despite the cold temps we were so happy to see blue sky after the wet and windy weekends that we’ve had lately. Here’s a couple more shots.

      Interestingly, Mitch’s Honda was previously owned by a mate of mine (former brother in law actually) who bought it to replace a Fireblade he binned while touring in Tassie.

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