It wasn’t like they said….

Fog then fine and sunny was the forecast. Well, not where we went, though we started in sunshine. It lasted about 10 mins then we rode in fog for 20 min. After that it was overcast, then drizzly, then foggy and drizzly, then sunny, then raining! The whole time it remained a sunny winter’s day in Geelong – just as forecast!

We had a great ride nevertheless.375 kms is pretty good for a winter’s day in these parts. Our route – Geelong to Timboon via Colac. Timboon to Apollo Bay via Port Campbell, the 12 Apostles and Lavers Hill – some of that GOR leg was in fog and drizzle.

Timboon – they make stuff in this

But Mitch bought this …. Actually it was only 11.00am, so we all had hot chocolates to drink

Some fans. Marty’s relieved to have some respite! “She could talk under wet cement” is the phrase that comes to mind!

She’s still talking! …..get those earplugs in Mitch!

Apollo Bay for lunch

A ’57 I think. It sounded so sweet. A sensational V8 rumble as they took off.

Mitch headed home via the GOR, Marty and I went visiting, then headed home via Forrest with a stop at the brewery, though nothing but hot chocolates passed our lips. Despite some wet roads and less than ideal conditions, we had a sensational day of riding.


6 thoughts on “It wasn’t like they said….

  1. Great photos Jules, the 1400’s look great together. Loved the “cement” comment – must file that away for future use :-).

    No riding here – shocking day. Must be your second-hand weather catching up with us!

    • The big green bike certainly attracts attention. I probably should have mentioned that one of the two old ducks was from Christchurch! We’ve had weeks of cold wet weather as well. A sign at the brewery at Forrest said that water was flowing over the slipway at the nearby West Barwon dam for the first time in 11 years.

      Spring is actually not that far away now thank goodness.

      • The pipes on your bike look a lot better than those stock trumpets. Most new bikes these days seem to have ugly pipes, I guess thats making for a thriving aftermarket pipe industry.

        Bring on the summer I say, I’m over this cold wet winter – wait wasn’t that summer too!

        • Marty’s researching some suitable pipes to replace those fugly trumpets.The after market pipe industry in the USA must be doing well. Megacycle, who made my pipes have closed recently. I bought them mainly because I knew that they would perform fine without a Power Commander and re-mapping, but I paid a premium. My mate Pete’s Two Brothers slip ons cost $400 less than mine delivered from the USA. A set of Yoshimuras would have been $150 cheaper delivered. I wonder how Staintune are weathering the storm?

          • Yeah, I have to laugh when our bike shops are saying “don’t buy helmets from overseas, they are not approved in Aus” but they will happily sell illegal pipes, tinted visors, etcetera, etcetera. However, I do feel for Staintune, as they did make AU road legal pipes that looked great, sounded awesome and lasted well. Blast the interwebs, a mess of swings and roundabouts.
            Must try that brewery at Forrest…and the trails. 🙂

          • As far as I know Staintune are still OK, but Megacycle closed. I’ve noticed lately that some products won’t or can’t be sold to Aust from the USA. Eg. Shoei visors, Helibars and Pazzo levers to name a few that I’ve come across lately. I would have thought that it either is, or is not, a global economy – not just selective.

            I’m thinking that I could plan a trip around Victoria, or maybe even Australia, based on visits to boutique breweries!

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