Old bikes in Elizabeth St Melbourne

I took a stroll around the Elizabeth St motorcycle precinct Saturday morning. Travelled by car as it was a cold, wet winter’s morning. There were lots of shiny things to look at as always, but what caught my eye was that one of the biggest dealerships had some old motorcycles on display and some were actually for sale. Well, really only for sale if you are prepared to suspend reality and take their prices seriously!

This Z1R caught my eye first as we used to have one the same as this. Its condition was actually not as good as the pic makes it appear. The tank was well rubbed and much of the metal was pitted. $20K price tag.

How I’d love a Z900. This is a Z1A – 1973 model. $25K price tag. For comparison, a ┬ábrand new MV Agusta is $22K ride away.

Now I’ve heard about automatic Hondas in the past, but never seen one. This wasn’t for sale.

A registered RC30 Honda

A couple of Triumph Rickman desert racers

And some real oldies!

Not surprisingly, I didn’t make a purchase!

8 thoughts on “Old bikes in Elizabeth St Melbourne

  1. Come on Jules, you mean you wouldn’t trade/swap the 14 on one of those old clunkers, with their death wobble handling, non existant brakes, and hugely overpowered engine for their time combined with that chassis flex that make them a handling legend?

    Can’t understand really.

  2. Thanks for the fabulous photos Jules – there’s some crackers there! The Kawasaki’s seem way overpriced by similar examples in NZ. The RC 30 is still a legendary bike because of it’s handling and gorgeous looks. Heaven knows what a pristine example would cost though.

    The Rickman Triumphs look great too!



    • Geoff, those Rickman Triumphs appeared to be unused, no oil drip pans under them.

      The RC30 would have been a good investment to have bought about 10-15 years ago – probably better than the share market!

    • Roger, I often fantasize about having a stable of motorcycles and an RC30 would be amongst the mix. Actually I do keep an eye out for a Honda CBX1000 6 cylinder and could probably justify it as an investment!

    • Erik, thanks for dropping in. I like the idea of owning a classic Jap bike, however, I suspect that the reality would be a little disappointing with what we are used to now.
      Cheers Jules.

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