Congratulations Iain!

……. on your new Hayabusa.

When I checked into our motel in Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this year I noticed that the owner had a couple of pics of GSXR Suzukis in the office, so naturally we got talking motorcycles. Iain didn’t have a motorcycle at the time, but now he has.

Ride safe!

6 thoughts on “Congratulations Iain!

    • …… and like Marty’s ZX14 there’s two of those ugly trumpets! I suspect that it has something to do with catalytic converters and the heat that they retain needing lots of shielding

  1. Yes the standard pipes do have catalytic converters in them and they are also VERY heavy. Let me get it run in and then I will be looking at a set of Yoshi slip ons to replace the OE cans.

    • Iain, regarding exhaust modifications – it’s worth thinking about what your insurer is happy with as well. When I was looking into pipes for the ZX14 I rang my insurer to make sure it would be OK. Shannons regard slip on mufflers as accessories, whereas a whole system would have been regarded as a ‘modification’ and voided my particular policy.

      Also make sure that the particular’slip on’ mufflers work OK with you bike’s fueling system. I particularly wanted to avoid the need for, and expense of, a Power Commander and a dyno tune.

      Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Hi Jules,

    Got to agree with Steve cans get bigger and bigger. Hope Iain enjoys the ‘busa and that he has deep pockets for new rear tyres, haha! When I had the Blackbird, I used to get through sports rear tyres every 7000 km or so but my mate with his ‘busa never got more than 5000 km out of his!!

    Incidentally, there’s a very active IAM group in Christchurch. Two of my good friends are involved with it.

    • Hi Geoff, do you want to email me a contact for the IAM group and I will pass it on to Ian?

      I got 9,400 kms out of my last PR2’s and if it had not been so wet I would have held off and changed them at 10K kms. The front on the Zx14 wears just as quickly as the rear I’ve found.

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