Kim Krebs the world’s second fastest woman!

Mrs Tarsnakes and I were strolling through the tiny northeastern Victorian town of Yackandandah (pop approx. 700) recently, when we saw the plain notice below on the front of the museum.

Kim Krebs, the world’s SECOND FASTEST woman?  I don’t know much about land speed racing, but as a motorcycle enthusiast, I’d never heard of her. So in such circumstances Google answers all. It seems that Kim is a regular at the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah and has done pretty darn well there. Yes 229 mph (368 kph) on a turbo 750cc is fast!

Here is a link to ABC local radio website – be sure to click on the link there to listen to an interview with Kim.

Kim is part of a trio who call themselves Black Art Racing and she also received Motorcycling Australia’s first Woman of the Year award.

Congratulations Kim and the team. I now have another discipline of motorcycle sport that I’m keen to follow thanks to a chance sighting of a very plain notice in her home town!





Motorcycle cannonball run across the USA

I’ve spent much of the past week following the 2012 antique motorcycle Cannonball run across the USA. The race runs from New York City in the east to San Francisco in the west. Currently the riders have a lay day in Sturgis, South Dakota, however, many are using that time to complete some very major repairs as well as routine maintenance.

Here’s an old pic of mine just to add some imagery to the post!

The motorcycle currently in 1st place is 99 years old and has completed 1,927 miles so far. Yes, that is a 99 year old machine being ridden coast to coast across the USA.

Lots of good info and pics here on the Motorcycle Cannonball dedicated site. Also on their Facebook page linked form there. Another great source of a day to day info of the event is on the Antique Motorcycle Club of USA website.

Many of the riders have substantial back up teams and mobile workshops with them. At the other end of the scale is Doug Wothke who rode his 1928 Indian from Alabama to the starting line in NYC alone and has no back up team. Unfortunately Doug has had some serious mechanical failures along the way. Read all about Doug’s preparation HERE and his postings on ADVrider and you can track him via his SPOT.

There is also an Aussie from Melbourne in the race. He is Chris Knoop, riding a rare JAP powered Invincible. His blog is HERE.

This event has really captured my imagination and the internet has enabled me to follow it fairly closely from this side of the world. I’ve embedded some YouTube video footage below, courtesy of

Here is the trailer for Chris Knoop’s film “The Invincible Adventure”

Post script: Here is a link to a wrap up of the event by Bill Wood

Post Post Script:  a great article with analysis of costs and how there are really old motorcycles and what appear to be old motorcycles by Paul d’Orleans in The Vintagent