2013 Kawasaki Z800 (naked) Australian promo

Full specs HERE

Also see a video of a lap around Phillip Island with Mick Doohan from the sports section of the Age HERE

5 thoughts on “2013 Kawasaki Z800 (naked) Australian promo

  1. Naked vs Faired
    In 1900 when young men rode push bikes they where attracted to the early motorcycles because they went faster than the pedal version , if this was not so we would all be looking at ct90’s and BSA Bantams . Fairings are one of the things that help a bike to go faster ..longer ..to take a fairing off a modern bike is like converting your 500 OHV to a SV . When you strip all the B/S away it comes down to going fast , I confess , that is, what I love about motorbikes
    Ps I suspect we all do ?

    • So you subscribe to Hunter S Thompson’s analysis “Faster, Faster, Until The Thrill Of Speed Overcomes The Fear Of Death”? I’d say a few of us have been there if we’re honest!

  2. Faster Faster Faster ! is what I yell at the petrol cap of my old Es2 when I had my helmet touching the triple clamp, my right wrist in a anti clockwise cramp ,eyes on the speedo hoping to register 75 mph at the bottom of Dunlops hill before suffering the humiliation of cresting the hill at 35 mph . These are the lessons that make us love speed and motorcycling .
    Ps Can’t wait to ride with with the boys to the races .

  3. Jules,
    I wasn’t aware of the release of this bike and am slightly surprised! Last weekend, a new IAM member came along for an assessment and she was riding a new 750 which looked identical (colours ‘n all) to the 800 in the video. Is the 750 being phased out?

    I must say that it was a great – looking bike in the flesh.

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