Saturday at the Southern Classic

The West Coast Procrastinators took a run to Broadford race track for some classic racing. We’d booked some rooms nearby at Seymour, so a full day at the races and socializing afterwards was possible. I will write a little more when I have some time, so just some pics for now.

There are always some interesting spectators’ bikes at events like this. We pulled up into what was virtually “Commando Alley”. However, this beautiful Moto Guzzi is for Mrs T, a big Le Man’s fan since the 1970’s.


Lots of high resolution pics, CLICK HERE

For a great write up that really captures the essence of the event see my mate Steve’s post over at the 79 x 100 blog.


4 thoughts on “Saturday at the Southern Classic

  1. Jules me ol’mate……

    You do my heart good publishing photos like that! Your hi-res pics are just superb and I’ll send the link to Paul, my Commando-racing mate. Thanks so much for those!

    I guess we know that those big Zed Kawasakis never die, they just end up on race tracks on either side of the Tasman! The Broadford track looks to have a lovely country feel about it.

    • Geoff
      Some of those spectators’ Commandos have had a bucket load of $’s thrown at them. Most were running belt drive primaries (approx $800 from the UK)although I noticed one track bike still had a chain.That closeup of the Commando with the black gear box is because it is a 5 or 6 speed. My mate Andy’s Commando runs an aftermarket close ratio gearbox.

      Not all the bikes were pretty and I know Steve is planning a write up on some of the less glamorous machines that caught his eye for his blog – more the ‘rat bike’ perspective.

      I’m a sucker for the 70’s and 80’s Japanese ‘musclebikes’- lots of happy memories from the era!

      Broadford is part of the State motorcycle complex and has tracks for all forms of MC racing. It’s a lovely track out in the rolling hill, with plenty of shady trees. A great atmosphere really.

  2. Jules ,
    just remembered to mention what a good idea it was to get that bloke to take a pic of us all , it would be one of the few with all of us in it ,great choice for an opening pic

    • Steve, I’ve found that usually people are only too happy to help out with a shot, especially when you’re travelling.

      Just to continue on the discussion of the accessibility of the racing at these types of ‘local’ events from your blog post, Tom offered to buy me a ticket for Sunday’s MotoGP as an early birthday present but I actually declined. I just don’t feel like being a consumer of an “entertainment package”, which is how I felt last year. Having said that, I will certainly go to the Saturday qualifying sessions in the future as I reckon they are the most involving aspect of the GP for me these days.

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