Freestone’s Roadhaven diner

I’ve been so busy at work and home (and at my son’s new home) that I haven’t had a spare moment to even write up the Snowy’s weekend trip yet. Mrs T and I had in mind to go for a ride today. However, it rained in the morning but then cleared up after lunch so we decided on a quick spin for some coffee down along the coast a little. As fate would have it we pulled up in Aireys Inlet, a place I never usually stop at, and came across a new retro cafe which is a replica of a  classic American diner. Some might say kitsch,  but I loved it! This is a trucking magnate’s retirement project and you will see a little of his car collection through glass windows at the back of the diner. The lass making coffee said that all of the interior fittings had be sourced in the USA. The owner has also renovated the old hardware store next door.

Mrs T loved the light fittings

I preferred the cars!

For a few more high res pics CLICK HERE (Best viewed by clicking on Slideshow)

11 thoughts on “Freestone’s Roadhaven diner

  1. Looks like a great little place to stop for coffee thanks for sharing it Jules.

    I’m with Mrs T I love the light fittings and rest of the fitting look the part too. That car collection would be something you would just have to be there to appreciate wouldn’t it, can you go in there with them or are they locked up behind that glass ?

    • Hi Brenda
      The cars are behind glass at present, however, there is a large restaurant at the back of the building that is about to open and I believe that it will give access to the vehicles – and I’m told that there are plenty more of them!
      Were were told that some of the furniture and fittings in the hardware store next door was made by the Amish people in the US.

  2. Hi Jules,
    What an awesome place to stop for a break. Just love the photo of you in front of the diner – what a beast….the bike, not you 😉

    • Geoff, I just keep appreciating the capabilities of the ZX14 more and more. Great sport-tourer, fantastic for a pillion, not hard on tyres and all in a very ‘user-friendly’ package. (Kawasaki should be paying me a commission!). Speaking of tyres, the two of the other ZX14’s on our Snowy’s ride were running Pilot Road 3’s front and rear (as was the big Yamaha) and the owners were super impressed with both grip and longevity. I’d previously speculated that they may wear too fast, particularly on such a front heavy motorcycle, but that is not proving to be the case.

    • Steve, Mrs T said the coffee was good – I’m actually a coffee drinker.

      How did your Snowy’s trip go? I was actually a little relieved to see that you hadn’t posted on it yet – makes me feel a little less slack!

      • Snowys trip was fantastic mate. I’m still waiting to read about yours, i’m sure you’ll get it done soon. Life can be busy. I got the first post up and a couple more to come. The video editing just takes so much time.

    • Thanks Steve. Interestingly based on this post I had an email from a guy who runs a motor enthusiast themed bar at a convention centre in Launceston, Tas, called “The Universal Joint”. Click on the link below and then the ‘Image gallery’ on their site.

      Universal Joint

      Did you get those pics of the neat AJS that I emailed to you?

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our diner. It has been a 5 year labour of love, “a moment of madness”, a place to forget your troubles and get lost in the 60s. We have big plans for the front of the shop with the purchase of a 57 Chevy ex Disney display car which will live inside the Malt Shop. New bi folds doors soon to be installed opening out to luxurious outdoor furniture. We recently travelled across U.S.A. and feel what we have created on the GOR is truly unique. Tours of the classic car display are offered in return for your support. Paul or Brique love to explain the history of the cars, we endeavour to change the display on a regular basis. We are about to display our 1954 21′ Chris Craft lake boat.
    Cheers, Christine and Paul Freestone.

    • Hi Christine

      Thanks for your comment. I think that it’s great that you have invested in such a venture in the region, when restaurants are failing at an alarming rate. Places such as yours really provide a great destinations for automotive enthusiasts in regional Victoria.

      It’s a pity you can’t get some more prominent signage on the GOR as it is very easy to drive past and not realise what a gem you have there.

      Cheers Jules.

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