Too hot to ride?

Yeah, probably!  The forecast was for 37C today with high winds and a late change. Actually we were planning on going camping for the weekend, however, Mrs T was too ill with a stomach bug, so I thought that I might as well go riding. I got up early and headed off before it got really hot. It was a good chance to try out my new kevlar lined jeans, rather than the usual leathers. Oh, and I had the joy of a brand new helmet visor that I bought ages ago, but didn’t want to use until the weather was warm enough to stop needing the pinlock visor. My first stop was the Gellibrand store. The township was virtually deserted, probably as a consequence of government advertising re risks of being in the bush on high fire danger days.

Once I hit the hills the temp dropped a bit and it was quite nice riding, despite some wind gusts. On the GOR between Lavers Hill and Apollo Bay I overtook two motorcyclists and they were the only traffic I came across until about 3 kms out of Apollo Bay – a dream run on the GOR! I bought $10 of gas in Apollo Bay – which wasn’t much at the rip off price of $1.65 per litre for premium (that’s around $6.25 per US gallon). Next stop was Forrest for a (non alcoholic) drink at brewery, buy which time it was damn hot outside.

Note the new visor! was unable to buy an import from the USA, so that little Aus standards sticker means we have to purchase locally and pay well above the US online price (despite the global economy and numerous free trade agreements – don’t get me started!!

Forrest marked the end of the enjoyment of riding as it was so hot and wind wind gusts so strong that I would have preferred to have been in the car with the AC cranked up for the final run home. I didn’t mess about and was home by around 1.00pm. Was it worth riding on such a hot day? Yes, but only because I left early, dodged the worst of the heatwave and the deserted roads were a treat. Six months ago in the depths of winter, I would never have conceded that it can be too hot to ride.


9 thoughts on “Too hot to ride?

  1. Hi Jules,
    Must have been spooky in the fire risk area. What do the locals do, just hope and pray?

    Interested in the comments about your visor. In NZ, helmets have to comply with NZ, Aust, Snell standards etc but you can simply get on EBay for visors. I bought a blue Iridium visor for my Shoei last year for about A$40 compared with A$130. It’s Asian-made but excellent quality. What is it that stops you following suit?

    • Geoff

      I think that most locals in the bush are well prepared, however, they are fearful of careless or complacent tourists who light camp fires. The shop keeper at Gellibrand was mindful of about 20 carloads of young guys n gals camped in a national park about 10 kms out of town.

      It’s hard to sort the BS from the reality re Aust compliance. I have purchased Shoei visors from the USA in the past, but now those same outlets refuse to sell them to Aust. I haven’t tried fleabay though. Essentially a non 1698 compliant helmet carries some risk of being booked for not wearing a helmet – though I don’t know of a single case.

      • I had the same problem with buying a comms system from the USA but eventually found a supplier. No problems with the non-OEM visor from eBay though. Quality excellent and delivered in 1week.

  2. Hi Jules,

    Yep I’m feeling for you with the heat, I just couldn’t do it and stuck with the car for the last week or so. Musta been awsome to ride the GOR with no other traffic tho!!

    I honestly never thought to buy a visor online as I thought that they were under the same standards as the helmet, interesting.

    And love that last photo of you in the mirror .. very creative 😀

    • Brenda

      As Geoff commented above, ebay is an alternative source of visors. The new one that I wore was actually a ‘new old stock’ bought via ebay, but still pricey compared with the USA. I thought twice about the mirror pic, “… more chins than Chinatown” is the phrase that comes to mind!

  3. Wow 37°C is far to hot to be riding a bike in that heat. I rather be sitting inside in the air conditioned comfort and ride when a cooler day comes, which is much similar to my attitude on riding in the rain. I will if I have to but if I don’t then i’ll wait till next weekend when conditions are better.

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