Pre-Christmas on the Great Ocean Road

My neighbor Mitch and I made an early start around 7.00 am to beat the holiday traffic on the GOR. Our route ran from Geelong along the GOR to Lorne where we turned inland and headed to Forrest via Dean’s Marsh. After a brief stop at the West Barwon reservoir we headed to Apollo Bay for a coffee stop and re-fuel. Check out what I paid for 98 octane in Apollo Bay in the pic below. You guessed it – there is only one gas station and it’s holiday season! From Apollo Bay we rode the GOR back to Lorne and encountered surprisingly little traffic. We didn’t stop in the tourist mayhem of Lorne but again headed back inland to Dean’s Marsh and had another pit stop. From here I headed to Colac to visit Steve and Mitch headed home. It was an excellent run in perfect motorcycling conditions, namely blue skies, no wind and around 25C temp.

Yes, that $185.9 per litre! Holiday season profiteering?

Mitch (AKA Sir Skuffy in some circles) can really hustle this modded Honda CB1000R.

Ohlins rear suspension matched to his weight and modded front forks.

Heated grips, bar end mirrors & small aftermarket screen

In a moment of introspection, brought about by this ride and a recent birthday, it occurred to me that I have now been riding the GOR in all kinds of conditions for 40 years now. The run from Lorne up to Colac reminded me of my first covert winter runs along the GOR as an unlicensed 16 year old on my Yamaha 175 trail bike, the occasional ride on Andy’s 250 Suzuki Hustler, and also blasting along the GOR on either of my CB750 Hondas (with the young Ms Tarsnakes on the back), let alone the evil handling Kawasaki Z1R!

On the topic of Kawasaki’s, the ZX-14 performed beautifully and my love affair with the big Kwaka continues! It is hands down the best motorcycle I’ve ever owned. It’s also worth a mention that the 2012 ZX-14R won Two Wheels magazine’s “Bike of the Year” award.

8 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas on the Great Ocean Road

  1. Nice run Jules. Makes a lot of sense to get a decent run in before the camper vans and other assorted lunatics clog the roads for a couple of weeks over Xmas. BTW, your gas price is about what I regularly pay in our village as we’re at the end of the supply line. Normally try and fill up elsewhere. Nice Predator – not all that common but a great bike. Our local top dressing pilot has a green one.

    Very best wishes to you and Dorothy for the festive season mate and have a terrific 2013.

    • Geoff, they are not a particularly common motorcycle here either. This one used to belong to my mate Pete, who sold it to buy a ZX14 when he saw mine. When Mitch bought it I was able to tell him it’s prior history and how well run in and looked after it had been.

      Best wishes to you and Jennie for Christmas and beyond Geoff. I hope to see some great pics when you travel to Tassie.

    • Merry Christmas to you Steve and your family.

      How is the little one doing?

      Lorne is more of a tourist trap than Apollo Bay re prices, and again, only one servo now. We went to Lorne one balmy evening early last week for fish & chips by the sea, and it is still a very beautiful place in terms of scenery.

  2. $185.90 does sound steep per litre. Better get a more fuel efficient bike or stop riding down there in tourist season. Otherwise, it is just the cost of having some fun.

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