Boxing Day 2012

Mrs Tarsnakes and I took a post Christmas ride. The riding conditions were excellent though the traffic was heavy in patches. Our stops were at the West Barwon Dam at Forrest (point C on the map below) and then at a quirky cafe in an old potato shed at Ferguson, (E on map)  the Otway NouriShed

Being Boxing Day a few of our regular coffee haunts were closed, however, it prompted us to try somewhere new which was a positive experience. I’d certainly stop there again and it’s only a few kilometers from the Otway Fly.

There is a picturesque picnic ground at the West Barwon Dam. It’s a great place to take a break and have a stroll across the reservoir wall. I was told by a caretaker that there are lots of snakes around at present down by the water’s edge – where people often stand to fish for trout.

Mrs T and the ZX14 taking it easy. It was warm enough to be looking for the shady spots.

The NouriShed at Ferguson, Vic. Point E on the map above.

The old potato shed, converted to a cafe and repository of some local timber industry memorabilia. Mrs T’s laughing at the fact that every table has a tomato sauce (ketchup) on it. I guess it speaks to the style of food on offer.

All up we covered around 270 kms of leisurely riding. My next scheduled ride is our annual New Years Day ride with the West Coast Procrastinators.