Two up with Mrs Tarsnakes 2013

I go back to work next Monday and I can feel my riding opportunities diminishing. Unfortunately yesterday was 41.6C (106F) so far too hot for riding. Fortunately we had a cool change overnight and today dawned as a perfect riding day.

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We left Geelong and traveled along the highway to Colac (H on the map), planning to have breakfast at a restaurant that had been recommended by our son after a recent visit. We arrived only to find them closed, so headed out of town to Otway Estate vineyard as they have a good cafe as well. We drew a blank again, as they are in the midst of a revamp and only have platters etc to have with wine, rather than providing meals as they had done in the past. My hunch is that they are feeling the loss of an excellent chef, who has left and now has his own highly rated restaurant – named Fusion.

By now I was really hungry, so we headed for Lavers Hill, (B on map) my logic being that cafes on the Great Ocean Road would surely be open, not to mention an incredibly twisty road that climbs through the Otway Ranges to get there! We stopped at a great place named Blackwood Gully. We ordered and sat out on the deck.

This place has lovely views over the Otways, which I couldn’t quite capture today.

A simple, but delicious (late) breakfast.

From here we headed along the inland, forested section of the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay to check out the little art show that runs in the church hall there in summer. Sections of the road are limited to 80 kph over the holiday season, however, it’s still exceptional riding with big open sweepers lined with tall eucalyptus trees, and a few tight sections thrown in as well. We had a great run as all the traffic was heading in the other direction towards the 12 Apostles.

Country town church hall art show.

Some samples

I’d had enough of the art so headed out into the sunshine and experimented with a self portrait taken from the back of the bike. Look at all that blue sky, just perfect riding conditions.

It just occurred to me that there are no motorcycle pics yet – easily fixed!

Further down the road is the harbor and right across the road is a golf course, with the sea in the distance. It’s quite a pretty spot. Some of my ancestors lived here in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, but I really don’t know much about them.

We fueled the ZX-14 at the only gas station in town and headed for the Forrest brewery for afternoon tea. (D on map). This road is all twisties and all of it is climbing uphill through the bush, again there were few cars travelling in our direction and we picked off those that were pretty quickly – the ZX-14’s power is really useful in such circumstances, as compared with my old VFR 800 which really had to be revved hard when overtaking in the mountains and two up.

The brewery was reasonably quiet and we took a table outside to catch the cool breeze. I’ve posted pics of the outside of the brewery before, however, Mrs T took this shot of the bar area inside. It probably gives a better idea of the place.

Alas we didn’t sample any brews and stuck with coffee and a milkshake. However, we did buy a bottle of stout to give to our son as he and his girlfriend are a bit keen on craft beers at present.

Mrs T seems to be enjoying a sunny day out on the motorcycle.

From here we took the back roads through farming country back to Winchelsea  (F) and  then along the Princes’s Highway (yes we are a British colony) back to Geelong. All up we covered 315 kms in perfect riding weather, a sunny 24C. It was a grand day out and helps ease the pain of returning to work next Monday.









4 thoughts on “Two up with Mrs Tarsnakes 2013

  1. Jules
    There certainly isn’t any shortage of great restaurants in your area. Thats an excellent excuse to get out for a ride to go for lunch. Have you tried the Pale Ale at the brewery yet? If not then theres another excuse to go for a ride to try the beer(not to many of course)

    • Steve, these places actually provide a worthwhile destination in small towns and villages that you otherwise wouldn’t bother to stop at. The other attraction in these parts is mountain bike riding, which your brother would be interested in. There is an extensive network of bike trails throughout the Otways now and they certain attract lots of folk from Melbourne for a day or weekend in the country. Will check out the beer this arvo as we’re heading down there in the car to check out a national park free camping spot.

  2. Jules that egg and bacon breakfast sure looks good, but they were a bit scungy with the sauce, only two blister packs. I like the places where they just leave the bottle on the table and you help yourself !

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