Two up with Mrs T again

Saturday 19 January

Mrs T had suggested a run earlier in the week and I was only too happy to agree. Saturday dawned a little cloudy and not quite as fine and sunny as forecast so we did some chores in the morning and just waited for the weather to declare itself. As midday approached we set off, though Mrs T commented that “….. it looks like the calm before the storm” – which fortunately turned out to be incorrect. I’d made some salad rolls for lunch and we set off for a leisurely ride to the West Barwon dam just near Forrest. Despite still being summer holidays for many, the roads were virtually deserted.

Unpacking lunch 

After lunch we headed towards Apollo Bay but turned off at Turton’s Track. This road is really narrow – one lane in some spots – but incredibly scenic as just about its whole length is under the canopy of huge eucalyptus tree. I should have stopped for some pics, however, there are few suitable places and the ground still looks quite soft in the rain forest. I had visions of pulling up, putting my foot down only to have it slip away and us take a tumble – so no pics this time! Actually, I just Googled for an image of Turton’s Track and actually found an old shot of my own that I’d forgotten about. See below. Just as an aside, I then Googled ‘Tarsnakes images’ as an experiment, and whilst there were lots of other people’s pics there – there were an incredible number of thumbnails of pics that I’ve taken, including many I’d forgotten about. Try it with your own screen name and see what you come up with.

By now the sky was completely blue and the temp was around 22C (71F) – perfect riding conditions really. We pulled in at Beech Forest for a brief pit stop, always a good photo op for the ZX14. Try as I might, I still haven’t taken the ‘perfect’ shot of this bike that I’m always aiming to get – you know – the one to be enlarged and placed on the office wall. I guess that I will just have to keep trying!

As you can see by the squiggles on the map, the section from point C to point F is all pretty twisty – just the kind of riding we love on a mild summer’s day.

Mrs T insisted on taking my pic, I suspect just to demonstrate how bloody annoying I am, by always taking pics of others. OK a shot of me – but only if I can keep my helmet on.

From here we headed down to Gellibrand and had a coffee at the bike friendly Gellibrand store – a favorite of ours. I mentioned to Maria how quiet it was on the roads and she was of the view that a weekend immediately before a long weekend (Australia Day long weekend next week) is always pretty quiet. Being quiet, Maria was free to chat a bit and we wound up having quite a few laughs as she told us about their last family holiday disaster.  We made our way back to Geelong via a series of back roads and I really didn’t want the ride to end – it was great just rolling along in the sunshine.

All up a satisfying day out together. Only 250 kms (155 miles) but it seemed ‘just right’ today.





5 thoughts on “Two up with Mrs T again

  1. Jules,
    This post has really captured what riding is all about! Great scenery, nice temperatures, fabulous company and no stress. Really doesn’t get any better, does it?

    I love those rusted steel plasma-cut plates. Our Department of Conservation uses them here and there as information boards. Way cool!

    Not long to your trip now! Ours is only a couple of weeks away.

    • Thanks Geoff. Who would have thought that rusted steel plates could look so good? But they make a terrific back drop for photography. Did you try a Google images search with the terms “Images Confessions of an ageing motorcyclist”?

      I hope that neither of us are traveling on a new Dreamliner for that trans Tasman run.

      • Crikey mate, I had no idea about those images – truly astounding!!!

        Air New Zealand 777 for us. Allegedly, we take delivery of the first Dreamliner next year because of all the production delays!

  2. Great riding weather Jules. Did you purposely not go down the GOR because of to much traffic or just for something different.

    I googled ‘Chillerteks road to nowhere’ for images and there are hundreds of pics. Looks like you can find out lots of stuff about yourself with google without even trying very hard. Can be a bit scarey when you think about it.

    • Steve, we kept of the GOR because there is a big police blitz on for 6 weeks. I’m a bit too old and grumpy now to go through the bullshit of being pulled over every 50 kms or so for a license check or a roadside roadworthy on the bike.

      The images check is also a good way to see if anyone else is using your pics though!

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