The Great Ocean Road & farmed rabbits

We got home from New Zealand at 2.00am after delayed a flight and extensive roadworks on the western ring road in Melbourne. By 7.00 am in the morning I was wide awake, my body still thinking it was 9.00 am – as NZ is 2 hours ahead of us. I had in mind to go for a ride as it would be my last opportunity before going back to work on Monday. The forecast was for clearing showers and a top of around 30C. As there were a few spots of rain, I farnarcled around for a while, checked all my favorite online sites, then checked the tyres and added fuel to the ZX14, having decided that I would ride anyway. It was actually getting humid, so I donned the textile gear instead of leather and headed off. Here’s the route


I was pretty rusty at first not have ridden for a few weeks, no problem though as I headed down the boring section from Geelong to Colac. From there I turned my attention to the twisty roads, bush lined road that climbs up into the Otways and pulled up in Lavers Hill for lunch. After a hearty ‘breakfast’ I hit the GOR and quickly got into the groove, riding briskly and safely. This inland section of the GOR through the Great Otway National Park is one of my favorite stretches of road. It has some beautiful long sweeping curves under tall eucalyptus trees and a small section of tight twisties. There were some wet spots in a few corners and a lot of bark blown down from trees on the centre of the road. I didn’t stop to take any pics as I was enjoying the ride and lack of traffic going my way. From Apollo Bay to Lorne is a cliff side run composed of hundred of tight twisty corners, and has an 80 kph speed limit now. This section requires considerable vigilance as drivers from overseas often forget that they are driving on what is the ‘wrong’ side of the road for them and cut corners and creep across to centre line into oncoming traffic – not nice to face on a motorcycle when when cranked over and committed into a blind hairpin corner. Here’s a shot of the ZX14 in Lorne when I pulled up to answer a phone message.

By now it was around 30C and very humid, but the grip on the road was great, so I headed inland – a twisty, climbing run up to Dean’s Marsh. Again this section is through eucalyptus forest and the scent from the trees was lovely.I pulled into Martian’s for a Coke (AKA “Black Asprin”).

The drink barely touched the sides, and as I saddled up, a delivery van pulled in to deliver meat. The sign writing had some elements that really gave me a laugh. Wouldn’t you be proud of yourself to be a rabbit farmer? Actually I had some amusing mental images concerning the farming of rabbits, the herding, roping, branding, etc must be hell! The more I pondered the possibilities, the more it made me laugh! The driver returned to his truck as I was laughingly taking a shot of his van, maybe he thought I had sun stroke.