More like summer than Autumn

Although it’s the third day of Autumn (Fall for those of you in the USA) the weather forecast for today was for 27C (80F) and sunny, although we knew it would be cooler in the hills and along the coast. Mrs T and I had been planning a trip to Johanna to check it out for a possible camping trip. Johanna is a surf beach off the ‘inland’ section of the Great Ocean Road. We left Geelong around 10.30 am in sensational conditions – there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Our route from was Geelong along the Cape Otway road to Forrest which was our first coffee stop. There were a few other motorcyclist stopped there enjoying the day as well. Actually a bunch of HD’s and choppers rolled in as we were leaving – unusual to see them out in the country.

From here we headed towards Apollo Bay, then turned up Turton’s Track. Mrs T experimented with a shot from the pillion seat on the Apollo Bay road.

Turton’s Track is slow, but extremely picturesque. It comes out in Beech Forest and from here it’s only a short run up to the intersection of the GOR and then down to the Johanna beach turnoff. There were quite a few campers and surfers enjoying the beach-side national park. The pic below will give you a clue why.

We found some shade and ate our lunch. I’m so sick of buying overpriced, mediocre food whilst out riding I’ve started taking a lunch on some rides. Very old fashioned I know – I’ve become my parents!

After lunch we got back onto the GOR, having skillfully dodged a farm dog that rushed out towards the ZX14’s front wheel at warp speed. We overtook a couple of cars bunched up together, then had a completely car free run to Apollo Bay. This was probably the best run through sweepers of the bush section of the GOR that I’ve EVER had – it was that good and Mrs T is an excellent pillion in the twisties. After getting some fuel at Apollo Bay we headed a short distance along the GOR to Skene’s Creek, then headed inland up through the twisties back to Forrest for another drink stop. As we pulled up I spotted a unique looking cafe racer style TRX Yamaha and later chatted with it’s owner.

Painted in Ducati colors, it has a cafe racer kit tank, seat and fairing. I think that it looks excellent. High resolution pictures HERE and HERE. Link to video HERE

  By now it was actually getting hot. We headed for home via the back roads, thoroughly enjoying the riding and weather. All up, we covered 320 kms of great riding in perfect weather conditions. It doesn’t get much better than this and I clocked up around 645 kms for the weekend, having ridden with Marty yesterday. Actually, here’s a pic of Marty’s ZX14 yesterday with the new Delkevic pipes.


10 thoughts on “More like summer than Autumn

  1. Mate what a fantastic day to be out on the bike. Not like me who worked all weekend, but it also rained here all weekend.

    I am also like you, I’m sick of being ripped off for food that is absolute shite that cost a bomb. Maybe our parents were onto something.

    • Steve, ripper of a day’s riding. I rode yesterday but felt crook and it was a struggle – today was a complete contrast – as good as it gets in these parts. Yes, it’s good to save a few bucks and actually eat better. I like stopping out of the towns to eat as well.

  2. Terrific photos Jules! Well done for photographing the TRX – haven’t seen one in years. They used to get very favourable reviews. We’re getting pretty much the same weather as you. After next weekend (boys weekend away), it can rain all it likes as we’re getting desperate!

    • the TRX’s sound terrific – my brother-in-law used to have one and loved it. They used to be known as the “poor man’s Ducati”, however, I thought of them as “the thinking man’s Ducati”!
      The trellis frame certainly suits the cafe racer look. We’ve had the driest summer in decades, yet the northern Aus states have had flooding again. i won’t mind if this weather continues just a little longer though.

    • G’day Rob

      It was great chatting to you yesterday. As I said, that’s a great looking bike. I checked out the Twig site and found a section on your bike – great video

      Rob’s TRX

      There’s a fair bit of good riding weather this week for a retired ‘fella like yourself!

      Cheers Jules.

  3. It really is strange that you guys haven’t had some rain yet. We even got a bit last week but it was late in the season for us.

    Love the pics Jules, the TRX is an amazing looking bike, thanks for sharing that.

    I reckon you have the best locations in the country to have picnic lunches, you could always just stop for coffee if you wanted to check out the cafes 😉

    • Hi Brenda

      Most cafe racers don’t do it for me but that Twig modification is a ripper. Great countryside around here and it’s different with every season – really dry at present. Mrs T was disoriented at first ’cause what had been green is now so dry and the dams near empty again.

  4. Nice post Jules , that beach at Johanna looks fantastic , and desserted too ,makes me want to grap the rods and do a spot of fishing .Its funny that I have never ridden a bike down to the car park , we usually go past the turn off pretty quick building speed for the big right hand climb .
    As a matter of interest on the “pousson” post [which got such a good banter going ] Mr Penny seems to be wasting quite a lot of duck parts , for instance what happens to the duck bills ,duck tails , and getting to the heart of the matter [ no pun intended ] the ducks guts . I suppose he also wastes the same bits of the poussons rabbits etcetra ,rabbit parts ,paws and ears are known for good luck and also used in the TV industry . I’m sure lots of crocadile bits could be dried and ground and sold into Asia for some sinister purpose . The list goes on , anyway I better hop to it !
    Cheers Steve K

    • Steve, you are in good form! There are actually two camping spaces at Johanna, the first one was empty but it is on quite an incline, making it pretty difficult to pitch a tent or park a trailer. The second one is about 350 meters along a gravel stretch and I was told that it was full, though I didn’t go down there. There were some bikini clad attractions as well! Saw a few folk surfing but no-one fishing the day we were there.

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