Morning run along the Great Ocean Road

The incredible run of hot Autumn weather has continued this week with temps around 32-35C and overnight lows around 20C all last week and will continue into next week. Today’s forecast was for 36C (around 97F) and humid. I had some new Michelin Pilot Road 2’s fitted yesterday and I was keen to take the ZX14 for a run to scrub them in. Why fit PR2’s when the PR3’s are better all round? Because I already had them, having purchased two sets of PR2’s from the USA last year when our currency was 10% higher than the US$.

I decided to get up early and do a quick run along the GOR to Lorne and back before it got too hot. Early starts are a bit tricky this time of year as the sunrise is around 6.45am and it’s risky to head off too early as there are quite a few spots where there are kangaroos between home and the start of the GOR at Angelsea. I had the bike fueled up and tyre pressures checked last night so I was away at 7.30am with enough light not to worry about the risk of roadside ‘roos.  I had such a good run along the first part of the GOR and it was only around 8.30 am as I rolled into Lorne that I decided to keep going along the GOR to Apollo Bay. I hardly took any pics as I was enjoying riding the twisties on new tyres so much. I only had to overtake a couple of car along the entire run towards Apollo Bay and really got into the groove of riding the hairpins. The only issue was occasional bunches of MAMILS (middle aged men in lycra) heading towards me whose presence led to cars traveling towards me occupying my isde of the road to get past the MAMILS. I think that bunches of bicycles on that stretch of the GOR is downright insane given the speed differential between bicycles and cars AND that the arrogant buggers insist on occupying the whole lane and will not yield at all. (Rant over!).

Here’s the route map

A quick stop in Lorne in the morning light.

Surfers at Lorne

I didn’t quite go to Apollo Bay and turned off at Skene’s Creek and climbed inland through the Otway Ranges. After a milkshake stop at the Forrest brewery I was on my way as the temp was really climbing. I arrived home mid morning having done 220 kms with 2/3rds of it being on the most twisting roads we have in this part of the state. It was already 30C (86F) and climbing at 11.00am. I had a fabulous morning run, all the more enjoyable for being on new rubber (and dodging the heat). The ZX14 felt substantially better than it did last weekend on old tyres on some of the same roads. FWIW, the old PR2’s did just about 9,000kms and probably had another 1,000 in them at a pinch, but I was happy to swap them over now and enjoy my riding more.


7 thoughts on “Morning run along the Great Ocean Road

  1. Jules
    You really are spoilt aren’t you. New tyres, sunny day, GOR does it get any better than that? There really is a god.

    9K on the PR2s, thats some pretty good mileage your getting. I take it the GOR and a heavy ZX14 with high such BHP tears up the edges pretty well.

    • Yes pretty damn good morning out. A few of my friends, including those who ride harder than me, get around 10,000 kms out of a rear. I change ’em early as I don’t see the sense in putting up with poor handling for the sake of getting an extra $20 – $30 worth of tyre life. The guys using the Pilot Road 3’s on ZX14’s say that they are better than the 2’s and give even better mileage.

      Now, lets talk about oil!!

    • Thanks for dropping by Kofla. I have seen your posts on the ZX14 forum. My wife and I visited Philly in October 2010 and she still raves about the cheese steaks from the street vendors! While we were there I paid a visit to the Revzilla store an bought a few things. They were in a seedy part of town, though I see that they’ve recently moved their bricks and mortar store.We loved the museum and gallery and were astounded at the number of European Masters’ works that were on display. Here’s a link to some pics that I took in DC & Philadelphia. Click HERE

      We are having a most abnormal Fall. Seven – ten days of temps around the 30C mark with little cooling overnight is quite out of the ordinary.

      Cheers Jules.

  2. Great run Jules – more photos of Oz please, I really enjoy them. One of my riding partners has just fitted PR2’s to his Blackbird and is really enjoying them.

    Loved the MAMIL reference – haven’t heard of that phrase before. Our term is far ruder :-). How come most of them are presumably responsible car drivers in the week and are such twats at the weekend with bugger-all consideration for other road users when they get in a bunch? Must be the same the world over!

    • Hey Geoff, I will make an effort to take some more pics in 2013. I must get back into the habit of putting the tank bag with the camera in it. Pretty easy to take some shots quite quickly without dismounting, whereas when the camera’s in the rear bag I’m less inclined to stop. I actually need to label the 100’s of scenery photos that I have as they don’t mean much without context.

      I’m looking forward to your report on your weekend away. Also, we were talking recently about the dry salt lake racing speed records at lake Gairdner. Here’s a link to a slideshow with some interesting pics. Click HERE

  3. It is usual for me to be happy riding my Commando in the rear of a line of bikes , I love watching the riders infront peel off ,one by one ,into the corners , but every now and then I wish I was towing a hay rake so I could get some of the crap off the side of the road . Jules I’ll forward you a suspicious looking e mail; attachment , please consider posting it
    Cheers Steve

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