ZX14R sets Australian Land Speed Record

Below is a direct quote from Kawasaki Australia;

With only gearing/tyre changes and the speed limiter removed, the Kawasaki Australia supplied Ninja ZX-14R, which happens to be the first unit to roll off the production line in Japan (#0001) set a phenomenal top speed of 208.153 miles per hour (334.99 km/h) at the hands of rider Ralph Nicholls. The achieved speed set a new Australian Production Frame-Production Engine (P-P) 1650cc class record which is also the fastest speed any Production P-P bike has traveled to date.

See the full story HERE.

I hate to sound like the PR Dep.t for Kawasaki Australia, however, I think that it’s incredible that Kawasaki are doing $1K cash back at present on what has been voted the best big bike around by many International magazines.

4 thoughts on “ZX14R sets Australian Land Speed Record

  1. Really impressive achievement Jules. From everything I’ve read, breaking records on the salt when the power goes through the wheels is an incredibly hard thing to do with wheels pin and stability issues. Well done them!!

    • The new ZX14R is a really impressive machine, but not just with outright power. I think that ABS, traction control and variable engine power modes are very useful for’real world’ riding. Interestingly, Marty’s ZX14R is significantly more fuel efficient than my 2010 model, even though the engine is a little larger and it puts out more horse power.

  2. Hi Jules. I enjoy reading Tarsnakes, are you going to any of the events listed on your site in the next month or so Cheers Rob

    • Hi Rob, great to hear from you. We will probably go to Broadford next Saturday if the weather is OK. Most likely we will go to Maldon on Sat April 27th to see the bikes from the All Brit Rally when they do their run to Maldon around midday. A couple of my mates usually go to the All Brit, but we just go and have a look on the Saturday – again if the weather is reasonable.

      Cheers Jules.

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