TAC lose Supreme Court rider appeal

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. The fact that the Victorian Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) appealed the original decision is taken by Maurice Blackburn to be indicative of their negative attitude towards motorcyclists

Read a summary of case on the Maurice Blackburn Lawyers’ site HERE

However, the Supreme Court documents show that it wasn’t quite that clear cut – the decision makes interesting reading for any motorcyclist HERE


4 thoughts on “TAC lose Supreme Court rider appeal

  1. Crickey Jules,
    That makes for some interesting reading and felt my blood pressure rising! I wasn’t aware of TAC’s apparent historical bias. You’d almost think it would warrant further investigation of why TAC would try to take the stance that they did. I’m wondering whether it’s part of a long term agenda to remove motorcycles from the road. The same statement was made informally by a senior ACC employee in NZ who later said he had been misquoted.

    Thanks for posting that mate!

    • Geoff, yes the TAC have a bit of form I’m afraid. The TV advertisement that they made using the Accord Euro that I sold attracted that much flak that they had to withdraw it. That ad blamed the motorcyclist for going too fast, when clearly the fundamental issue was the car driver failed to give way to the right. In the original ad, the car didn’t even have its right indicator on!

      The other issue in Victoria is that every motorcyclist pays around $60 per year extra levy with their registration to fund motorcycle “safety” initiatives. These initiatives have included; paying for lookout spots along the GOR to be sealed (so that no gravel gets spread onto the road), paying overtime and weekend penalties rates for extra police highway patrols on weekends, and funding a couple of unmarked police motorcycles – all for our own good! Grrr!

  2. Thought it would be appropriate to reply again as there seems to be collusion between NZ and Vic. $30 of our rego goes to a panel of “so-called” experts to fund safety initiatives and it’s a complete waste of our money. The only true solution is to teach driving and riding to a higher level and also make the tests more demanding. At least the bike tests over here are a bit stiffer these days. However, it’s interesting to note the contents of Roger’s latest post – Pro Rider are one of the providers! Where are the quality checks? A bit like your TAC advert – just paying lip service!

    • Congratulations to Roger for his courageous post. For those not familiar with Roger’s site, click HERE

      Such profiteering and lack of service provision is not just limited to road safety training though when it comes to Gov’t subsidized training in Aust. There are subsidized trade training organizations here (some in our city) who have been exposed in the media as shonky and not really providing training, yet nothing happens. Some of them turn out tradies who can’t do the fundamentals their trade and yet the State Gov’t continues to cut funding to the TAFE (Technical Colleges) sector – known for its expertise (and accountability) in trade training.

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