Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza

Mrs Tarsnakes & I attended the Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza again this Easter and the crowd was the biggest we’ve seen. This is a historic event, with no racing, just demo laps and many disciplines of motorcycle sport represented – road race, motocross, trials and speedway.

It was a huge thrill to bump into Alan Cathcart, have a chat, get his autograph on the T-shirt I’d just bought and,of course, get a pic with him. He is a delightful ‘fella to speak with and very generous with his time.

Sir Al’s Groupie!

Velocette was the featured marque this year and there was a huge turnout, from the 1930’s right through to the last model in 1970. If you want to hear what a bunch of Velo’s sound like, then click HERE

Below is a shot of just a few of the Velos. The other pictures demonstrate the variety that was on display.  I’ve sorted through around 300 photos and posted  the best of them in high resolution HERE. Best viewed in ‘slideshow’ view. There are some beautifully turned out historic British motorcycles and some great classic Japanese bikes that I love.

Next weekend the Victorian historic road race titles are on at Broadford and I suspect that some riders were using this historic event to sort their bikes and get in some practice laps of the circuit. At the risk of repeating myself, I love these events where one can get in among the bikes and talk to the riders to get a real sense of the history of specific bikes. next weekend I will have to buy another T-shirt – I certainly can’t wear the one that Sir Al autographed for me!





11 thoughts on “Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza

    • Wow that was like stepping back into the past. It was funny though seeing someone wearing ALpineStars.
      Must have been awsome for you to meet Alan and get pics and autographs to prove it.

      Love the photos so much, thanks for sharing the day 🙂

      • Hi Brenda, it was a great event to attend. The acces to the pits is just brilliant and it has a really friendly atmosphere. Mrs T was talking to a ‘mature’ female sidecar passenger and she mentioned that the historic mc racing association of Vic (HMRAV) have quite a few female members and that they run girls only training and track days.

        Alan Cathcart is an absolute gentleman and very generous with his time. I’d love to do a short interview with him actually.

    • Hi Neil

      Most of the other 120 odd were of bikes on the circuit and not too sharp so they got the flick. The SmugMug album has the best of them. With my (lack of) skill level, I think I’m doing OK if 50% or thereabouts are good enough to use!

  1. Nice day out. Don’t you just love being able to look around in the pits and chat with the riders/teams. That why I like the Formula Xtreme as you can do all that with modern day superbikes.

    I didn’t know Alan Cathcart was still around, i’d seen him doing bike tests on 500cc gp machine and superbikes back in the 90’s and he looked old then.

    Mate with 300 photos did you get mistaken for the paparazzi. Thats a lot of shooting. Good pics by the way. What sort of camera do you use?

    • Steve , a great day out and what’s more I got two free tickets to next weekend’s historic road race championships when I bought a T-shirt.

      Alan C still writes for quite a few magazines and often gets a gig riding one or two of the Moto GP bikes at the end of every season. As to cameras, no chance of being mistaken for a real photographer – they have lenses that cost half the price of my ZX14! I use a Panasonic point & shoot for most of the static shots and an older model Canon SLR (450D) with just kit lenses – which are mediocre at best. However, to get shots of the bikes moving the SLR is the only way to go, other than video. The SLR does bursts of 6-8 at a time so it’s easy to fire off a heap of shots. The only thing is I’m not that great at operating the SLR, so have a pretty high failure rate with the bikes in motion. I’m still trying to take “the perfect shot”.

      I’ve got the rest of week off and the weather forecast for Thursday and Friday is looking pretty good so you can guess what I will be doing.

      Cheers Jules.

  2. Fantastic pics Jules , love the shot of you with Sir Al ,I suppose Mrs T took that one and a interesting pic of a couple of old blokes peering at a Velo I haven’t checked out your site for some time ,just been busy these last couple of weeks
    Cheers Steve

    • Steve, it was a great event but kind of surprising that it’s on Easter Sat and Sunday. Also classic racing at Mac park that weekend. The HBBB was actually better than the racing the following week. Mrs T took the pic with Sir Al – I’m becoming a groupie!

      Loved watching the two old fella’s looking at the Velos. They knew what they were looking at, not just stargazers.

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