Victorian historic road racing championships

Mrs T and I attended the historic road racing championships at the Broadford circuit yesterday. This was a much smaller event than last weekend at Broadford. We opted for the comfort of the car as rain was forecast for the afternoon. It was a great day, again characterised by friendly folk and great pit access.

This is a “Forgotten era” (1973 – 1980) Kawasaki whose young rider, Andrew Lind, was just a delight to chat with. He was pretty handy on the track as well, finishing 3rd in both events we saw him in. This is a 1977 Z1000, bored to 1260. These machines still excite me!


Ah, the smell of racing fuel and the sound of unrestricted exhausts! This is really well run by the Historic Racing Motorcycle Association of Victoria.

Lots more high res pics HERE

Mrs T had a theme of photographing helmets, in addition to bikes that she liked, so I may well dedicate a later post to just helmets! I have a 1970’s Bell Star in my office, and I’d love to compare it with a contemporary Bell Star as Bell are being sold in Australia again after a very long hiatus.


2 thoughts on “Victorian historic road racing championships

  1. Hey, Jules. Love the blog, mate, very professional. Anthony Lind is such a cool dude, isn’t he? I also love the fact that he uses the number 311 which was the number always used by the late Roy Denison on his Kawasaki superbike back in the 70’s.

    • Hi Phil, I found Anthony to be a very engaging young ‘fella and I appreciated that he was happy to explain things about the bike to my wife and I. Great to see a young guy with a commitment to this form of racing. Also, he was very careful to mention who owned the bike and how much he appreciated the opportunity to ride it. All up, he created a very good impression.

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