A Day at the ‘All Brit’ Rally

The annual 3 day All British Rally held at Newstead Vic is a major event of the BSA Motorcycle Owners Association of Aus. Andy is a stalwart of this event, as is Steve, though to a lesser extent – not camping there this year. I went as a day visitor and particularly wanted to see all the bikes when they make their run from the rally site at Newstead, to the historic township of Maldon. Rob H rang me the night prior to arrange a catch up in Maldon and I had previously tee’d up to meet Steve at the rally site. Japanese infidels are definitely not welcome on site, and like trailers and cars have to be parked outside of the venue precinct. I have to say it was a great buzz to be onsite at the rally and chew the fat with Andy and Co. with all manner and generations of Brit bikes riding about the place. Here are a few sample pics of the day. For some more high res pics, click HERE

or on ADV Rider HERE

“Nuts” on his beautiful up spec ES2 Norton.

Lovely Domi in a featherbed frame

Even the firewood gets delivered to campers in a vintage truck.

Cam, Rob & Steve in Maldon

A great crowd in Maldon.

Amazing what you can find hanging around a corner.

Scott Flying Squirrel

Another classy ‘outcast’ at the All British Rally. As if I wouldn’t post a pic of an Indian!

8 thoughts on “A Day at the ‘All Brit’ Rally

  1. Jules the little town of Maldon must really come alive with an event like this. The whole town would be buzzing with all the energy and enthusiasim that the bikers would bring.

  2. What a great day out, and close enough for you to do a day visit is perfect. Love the pics so much it makes me want to own one! Maybe one day when I win heaps of money and can have a garage full of bikes, there will definately be at least one old british bike .. maybe two.

    Thanks for sharing Jules 🙂

    • Hi Brenda, I love many of these old machines but I think that you have to be a pretty good amateur mechanic to keep them running well. From what I’ve seen most are quite maintenance intensive compared with contemporary bikes, however,as mainly single or twin cylinder machine, they are relatively inexpensive to maintain. For example,my mates can reco a Norton Commando motor completely for the same cost as a 24K kilometer valve adjustment on a ZX14(approx $1000).

      Cheers Jules.

  3. Hi Tarsnakes,
    Great photos and thanks for posting them.
    There were 900 odd campers staying at the rally and more than 1500 bikes in Maldon at lunch time on Saturday.
    The campsite has a number of areas and the central area is for British bikes and tents. This is because many visitors pay to come in a walk around the site to see British bikes – the All British rally.
    The other areas have lots of camping also and allow all types of bikes and caravans etc. There are toilets and wood deliveries here and these sites border the bar and food areas central on the site. Many people with British bikes camp in these areas also so the can camp with friends on on non british bikes or with their caravans. I camped in one of these areas in a tent and my Triumph.

    All bike riders are most welcome.


    • G’day Paul

      Thanks for all that info. It certainly cleared up some misconceptions that I had. I went to Maldon last year as well and it seemed like a substantially larger turn out this year.

      My impression as I wandered around the campsite was just how well organised the event was and how friendly people were. I may well pack the tent next year and actually stay overnight.

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