The cat’s away ……

I’m batching at present and planned a big ride while Mrs T is away – though just a day ride. We are having a spell of unbelievably good weather for this late in Autumn. The forecast for today was 25C and windy. Marty and I headed to Lavers Hill via the back roads from Geelong. We stopped at a new coffee shop in Lavers Hill which has some lovely recycled timber in it. From here went our separate ways, Marty headed to Apollo Bay via the Great Ocean Road and I headed for Warrnambool via the 12 Apostles and the Shipwreck coast. After lunch in W’bool I made my way back to Geelong via Timboon, Port Campbell and part of the GOR back to Lavers Hill (the twisties near the Moonlight Heads are sensational so I had to ride them twice today). From there I tracked inland to Colac. After a quick visit to Steve’s I made my way back to Geelong in failing light, but balmy temperatures. A few shots below, for high res pics click HERE


Marty at “The Shoppe” Lavers Hill (Vic)

From the inside looking out

Port Campbell (Vic)

Deakin University, Warrnambool “Sherwood Park” campus. When I was a student here in the 1970’s part of the old sandstone mansion was still in tact. All that remains now are these pillars. This is a very attractive rural campus.


6 thoughts on “The cat’s away ……

  1. Some nice pics there mate. With Mrs T away I thought the boys might get out for a bit longer of a play.

    Have you ever riden the Grampians National Park Jules?

    • Steve, I would have loved an overnighter, but I just couldn’t get the stars to align! Haven’t been to the Grampians for years actually and only once on a motorcycle.Unfortunately it was just after major bushfires so the roads were damaged – not conducive to “spirited riding” (to use a Geoff James term).

  2. Sounds fun! I really enjoy patronizing the little shops one can find on a ride…a good way to enjoy some ‘free’ time! 🙂

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