A ride around Australia 60 years ago

Here’s a great story about two ‘fellas who rode around Oz 60 years ago to prove the reliability of the Renolds chain – the employer of one of the riders. The story claims that only 10% of the roads were sealed at the time. There’s some great old footage of the bikes and an engaging interview with the two old guys. It’s on the ABC web site, CLICK HERE  

Two guys have done a re-run of the trip earlier this year. They left from the All Brit Rally in Newstead. Here’s a link to their blog CLICK HERE

Now for something less impressive, a few shots from a 346km run that Marty and I went on in some VERY cool winter temps here. We did the same ride this same weekend a year ago in virtually identical conditions.


We are becoming ‘regulars’ at this joint.

This photo on the wall caught my eye.

Update on the Shoei NeoTec: Other than being a tight fit my main criticism of the new NeoTec was that it fogged badly in cold conditions. I’m pleased to report that with the Pinlock insert in place it didn’t fog at all – in even colder conditions than the first ride. There was much less pressure from the cheek pads and the helmet proved to be very comfortable this second time out. I’m loving the inbuilt sun-visor that is really easy to put up or down on the fly.

I found a Shoei promotional video for the Neotec – nice scenery!