Eateries on the Great Ocean Road

A quick trip down to Colac today turned into an unexpected run along some of the most scenic parts of the Great Ocean Road. I took the inland route to meet the GOR at Lavers Hill and then traveled back towards Melbourne. Rather than post a bunch of scenery shots, I thought I’d just showcase two new places to eat along the GOR. The first is at the tiny township of Lavers Hill, (population 200) the second at Airey’s Inlet, a popular coastal holiday town. Here is a map of the interesting part of the road between the two places.

I decided on lunch at the “Shoppe” at Lavers Hill, and wasn’t disappointed when I chose a big burger.

A tasty burger and friendly staff, couldn’t have asked for more!

We have had miserable, wet weather for weeks now, however, out of the blue we experienced a balmy, classic spring day. It really came out of nowhere as we had substantial rainfall last night even. I had a great run along the GOR. There was hardly any traffic going my way. I stopped in Apollo Bay briefly for gas, then headed on to Lorne where I pulled in to take in the views and have a drink.

About 110kms along the GOR from Lavers Hill is Freestones Roadhaven Diner, a 1960’s retro diner in Aireys Inlet that just keeps getting better and better. I recently received an email from Christine Freestone, in response to a previous post I’d done on their diner not long after it opened.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our diner.   It has been a 5 year labour of love, “a moment of madness”, a place to forget your troubles and get lost in the 60s.   We have big plans for the front of the shop with the purchase of a 57 Chevy ex Disney display car which will live inside the Malt Shop.   New bi folds doors soon to be installed opening out to luxurious outdoor furniture.   We recently travelled across U.S.A. and feel what we have created on the GOR is truly unique.   Tours of the classic car display are offered in return for your support.   Paul or Brique love to explain the history of the cars, we endeavour to change the display on a regular basis.   We are about to display our 1954 21′ Chris Craft lake boat.
Cheers, Christine and Paul Freestone.

They have done an incredible job on this place and obviously have further plans.

Downstairs, front cafe. Lots of memorabilia and the car collection is right behind here.

T model Ford

Some of their car collection

Upstairs diner

Pretty quiet as I was here late afternoon

A couple of 1960’s Mustangs pulled in and an E Type Jag was parked around the corner.

Quite a few pics I know, but I’m really happy to support people who have obviously invested a substantial sum of money to make this place happen! Below is a video walk through of Freestones, done by Unique Cars magazine.