There’s a new kid in town

Kawasaki ZX14R Special Edition

Peter Stevens Motorcycles – Elizabeth St Melbourne

Full specifications HERE

Actually there is an even more special, limited edition of 50 only coming next month – but I’m sworn to secrecy right now! It will be something like THIS, but a different color for Oz.

First ride, two up with Mrs Tarsnakes to Lorne Vic.

I didn’t like the pinstripes on the side of the fairing so removed them. The one on the side cover is under the clear coat so it has to stay.


4 thoughts on “There’s a new kid in town

    • Hey Rob
      I traded the old one in -I just don’t have the time to sell privately at present. We took a short run to Lorne today via the inland route then back along the GOR. It went really well though I’m keeping it under 4K revs for the first 500kms. I’m not used to riding such a quiet bike and those big trumpet exhausts will have to go at some stage. I’m prioritizing a ventura rack and a radiator guard as the first accessories.

      Cheers Jules.

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