The perfect ride

I saw this motorcycle safety advertisement on TV last night. It’s a refreshing change!

Actually, this one should come first

It then led me to the ones below which feature my local rides. These are very familiar spots that I have ridden many hundreds of times. The hazards that they mention are quite realistic though, but I had to laugh that they were happy to get off the twisty roads!

The last one in the new series.

It’s great to see some positive (educational) messages from the TAC at last!

Spyders everywhere

Mrs T and I took a short run from Geelong down to the West Barwon dam at Forrest to clock up just a few more kilometers so that the new ZX14 will be ready for its first 1,000km service next week. As we started our picnic lunch a large group of Spyders rolled in. Apparently they were part of an event called Spyder Royale, with owners from many Australian states present. You can double click on any image in the slideshow below to see the high res pics.

It was a lovely sunny Spring day to be out riding, although there were some very strong wind gusts at times.

Mrs T shot a little footage of me with the point & shoot camera – it’s a bit mediocre I’m afraid!