Kawasaki ZX14R recent pics

Below is a slide show of some pics of the ZX14 that I took last Sunday at a vineyard near Colac (Vic). The green background provided by the vines always seems to work well for photographing motorcycles. You can click on any pic in the slideshow to see the original high res image.

6 thoughts on “Kawasaki ZX14R recent pics

        • Steve, unfortunately they wont fit. The models from 2012 onwards are quite a bit different from my 2010 model. They have a 1441 cc motor and the radiator is bigger for starters.

          In Europe, the SE package actually includes Akra slip ons as well as the different paint scheme and wheels. There is a new Ohlins fitted model available as a special release for 2014, but only in a white colour with gold trims – it doesn’t really do it for me. Info HERE

          Cheers Jules

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