Burger run

It was Mrs T’s turn to suggest the route for today’s ride. I was in full agreement with the proposal to head to Beech Forest via Turton’s Track for a burger lunch at ‘The Ridge’ cafe.

It was a sunny 17 Celsius when we hit the road. As we rode past “The Hill” vineyard we noticed a massive stage had been erected for tonight’s Leonard Cohen concert – the size of the thing was incredible. We took the Cape Otway Rd and in no time, well actually about an hour, pulled in at the West Barwon Dam at Forrest for a pit stop. This is a really pretty place and one of my favorite haunts.

From here we took the ultra twisty and scenic Turton’s Track. However, it was a chilly 12 C along here and we were glad to get out from under the cover of the trees for the last few kilometer run to ‘The Ridge’ and then get a table out on their sunny deck.

  I once named their burgers “the best hamburger ever” (which they reference on their lunch menu) having sampled stacks of them on our 2010 USA tour. However, times change, and whilst still a tasty burger made from local produce, they have seriously out-priced themselves at $22 per burger, in my view. Hence, I will now need to resume my quest for the “best burger ever”.

From here we headed down towards Colac to visits friends Steve & Helen and check the progress on Steve’s latest project, a pre-war model 18 Norton single. He has painted the frame and also re-produced many of the nuts and bolts for this bike himself (in stainless steel) on his lathe. He also laced the wheels from scratch. I personally love the appearance of girder forks. For more build details, see Steve’s blog HERE

The engine is under construction.

From here we hit the highway and headed straight home to tackle a few yard work chores that were awaiting us. Even though we traveled Hwy 1 home, the 22C temp and sunshine proved to be perfect riding conditions for a ‘leather jacket over a T-shirt combination’ attire. At approx 250 kms total it was a short ride, but thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing. The rear tire has less than 4K kilometers on it and now needs replacing – but a soft compound and rear wheel 200 hp will do that!


6 thoughts on “Burger run

  1. $22 for a Hamburger is getting a bit out there. I tell you it would want to be the best ever for that price.
    You didn’t get many km’s out of your tyre, thats less than I get. I guess the manufacturer wants to have super sticky rubber on their machines to make them perform to the max. Great day out with the Mrs, Jules.

    • Steve, my first ZX14 had old style Bridgestones on it that were so bad that I took them off at 2K kilometers and I gave Kawasaki negative feedback about it when they did their buyer survey. This model is the exact opposite – very sticky rubber OEM. Even with Mrs T on board, I managed to ball up the edges a bit on this ride. I’m getting a Michelin Pilot Road 3 this week. Plenty of grip for my use and about 10K kilometer lifespan. In fact, Marty has over 10K on his PR3 rear at present with plenty of tread left. Pretty incredible on such a heavy motorcycle.

  2. Jules , loved the pic of the two helmets and the two burgers , I must admit those burgers look good ,even after tea ,only the price is the problem .
    Ps Geoff James , has chucked in his blog ,I’ll miss checking it out I hope its not his health thats bought this on
    Cheers to you both Steve

    • Steve, that will teach me to give people too much praise – they jack up the prices! Ah, well the quest continues!
      Geoff’s fine, just flat out with other stuff in his retirement!

      Glad that I was able to link to the pics of the Norton build on your blog. Your shots give a much better idea of how it will look. You know, we need to do a photo shoot of your collection, as Andy did with his.

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